3 Minute Yesss Meditation

3 Minute Yesss Meditation
 March 12, 2014
A revolution of the mind and heart WILL begin with this exercise and meditation! Since the beginning of my Yesss (Meditation) Center in the early ’90’s, I’ve experimented with many meditating techniques. From those experiences, here is a powerful one, short and yet penetrating to your inner core of knowing the real you! Everyone has within them the Buddha or Christ consciousness. This ‘taps’ into that!

•Sit, stand, or lie down comfortably

•With closed eyes and mouth, take a slow deep breath until there is no more

•Stop and hold the breath as long as possible

•Slowly release the breath with mouth closed until it’s not possible anymore

•Hold the breath as long as possible

•During this procedure, and using one word for an action that you need to be more     conscious of, repeat mentally and fast as this example with the word ‘positive’. I’m moving into positivity, being more positive, saying yes, yes, yes, I’m moving into positivity, I’m becoming more and more positive, I’m moving into positivity…repeating it ‘similarly’ with emphasis on positivity.

•This exercise will take 5-7 minutes, or about 10 complete breaths, in and out

•At the end, relax, eyes still closed while sitting, lying down, or standing, then returning and  watching your normal breathing for about 3 minutes (longer if desired). This part is the meditation!

•Preferably do it twice a day, and 3 times if desired. Try it for about 3-4 weeks, and then pick a new word important to making you more aware of a behavior important to you. I suggest using ‘letting go’; laughing; paying attention/awareness; being happier; opening the heart, on and on. Each of these done alone as suggested will strongly influence  greater awareness of each of the qualities.

Let the mediation part at the end be an important aspect of the whole procedure. Meditation encourages ‘centering of the self’ to see who you really are, and that a perfect calming witness to see and experience more of life’s blisses and joys. Love rises within more as well as a more open, vulnerable heart to both give and receive love and compassion.

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