Be a Mother Lover

Be a Mother Lover
March 13, 2013
Has anyone been a ‘best mother’ to you? Everyone needs a ‘best mothering’! Until you’ve received the ‘best mothering’, life will present many psychological, emotional, and physical problems year in and year out. You don’t have to have had a childhood of being a child of a terrific mothering, but somewhere along the line, less than ‘terrific’ has to be let go of so the ‘best mothering’ can come from someone or ones, possibly the other half of your coupling. When a man mother’s his best friend and partner, and conversely a woman does the same – voila! An ‘enlightened coupling’!

No one’s perfect, and yet everyone’s perfect as they are! For what went into your life, you are a perfect representative of it. That may be wonderful, or as with most, an almost daily battle psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. In back of who you think you are, and others see, is the real you! That’s perfect, and life should be about spending most of it BACK THERE where you can see that you are everything wonderful about you!

People, especially those closest, particularly if you are part of a couple, need mothering as you can imagine it at its highest living example. I am your mother, and you are mine. Two people in high consciousness need not even be concerned about that ‘mothering’ identification – it just happens naturally, and you both walk in the light together or apart.

I know of a middle age, pretty woman who apparently has been a good mother, but she’s from a mother who was less adept at ‘mothering’. She has since teens been in a series of relationships. In each (and differently), she feels abused, much like her mother abused her in between partial moments of love. That abuse goes back to her mothers abuse by her mother (and father), and on and on going back to before any recording of lives. In other words, ‘pretty woman’ is programmed to attract abuse, likely inviting some of it by actions from her earlier abuse. Her partners also lacked the loving qualities of mothering. In her less than happy emotional state the resistance to stop abusing herself seems automatic. A focus on awareness,  the wise discernment of who to be close to, letting go of the attachment to the negative past, and deep meditation will catapult her out of the throes of rotating hurt and snippets of love.

She, like you and everyone, needs the warm, compassionate love of mothering, both to give AND receive! Love needs to reach its peaks and needs peak love of mothering to rise to the limitless heights of love!


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