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Jesus Virus 👼
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March 4, 2010

As a non Christian, I can certainly see that Jesus spirit is the most powerful individual, positive force in the world! Sure we’ve got the annoying proselytizers who push millions away from seeing Jesus as, at the very least, the world’s major archetype of a human in the best of God’s (life’s) image. No one needs to ‘believe’ in Jesus to be not qualified to walk in Jesus’s sandals, and see him as the  model of ‘consciousness’. That consciousness can be called ‘christ consciousness’. 

Round and around we go year year after year, decades, and generations on the question for many of did Jesus exist? Faith is stronger than a mustard seed. The spirit of Jesus does, even if you think he’s made up. No one needs to pull the rug out from sincere Christians and Jesus believers. Christianity, as with other religions, is a safety net for those who need to be saved from whatever reason or conflict with more needed love in life than they are in. 

Why not love the story of Jesus whether he existed or not? I love Jesus, and as God’s best imitation of a superconscious human being, and God can be called other things including ‘love’. Anyone who sees the Jesus story as an archetype of great spiritual value is as entitled to their perspective as those with belief and faith. No one need believe Jesus is the ONLY way to being ‘saved’ to get into a perceived, hypothetical Heaven. Anyone of any faith or none can pray in their own way. The greatest prayer is a deep love within, and prayer is the affirmation of the positive.  

The resurrection of Jesus as the ultimate conscious embodiment of God is analogous to a second coming. That ‘second coming’ can be a cause for faith and believers that it will happen, or it can be seen as meant that the ‘second coming’ is you awakening in full consciousness to the spirit within, unattached to the past of good or bad happenings. You are the message whether in a beautiful story as a parody or the belief that Jesus was a real man. The ‘message’ is the most important thing, not the happening alleged or real. 

Nobody knows what he did or where he lived until he was thirty, the year he began his preaching. There is a legend, however, that says he was in Kashir – the original name of Kashmir between Pakistan and India. I read a German authors book that this was true, and that in Srinagar, Kashmir was a tomb in the town center of Jesus. Based on that story in 1989-90, I traveled to see that tomb. Arriving at it, and spending time at it, I didn’t have any feeling that it was true.

Upon my return to Los Angeles (Venice Beach), I related the story to my dearest best friend who became  inspired to do a few years of research going back thousands of years only to find that there were many Jesus’s in different cultures with different names, but a similar story. Her author name is Acharya S and the title of her first of 7 researched books on ‘truths in religions’ was called, ‘The Christ Conspiracy’, which is due to be re-released with additions in 2020. Acharya sadly passed on Christmas Day 2015. Her next birthday, 3 months later was on Easter Sunday! A hidden meaning?! Love yourself deeply inside. 

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