Smarter than You

Smarter Than You! 😜
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The world ‘shakes and teeters on the verge of destruction’, while its inhabitants, from top to bottom quibble over who’s right and wrong, ignoring that more love decides that there is much beyond. We are all blessed and picked to be here at this extraordinary moment in time to rise and shine above the waves of obstruction that thwart our journey to a more promised land that is here now. Those loved ones who’ve passed to the other side are watching, hoping that their efforts to make this opportunity to fly above the ages of sorrows is a clear path to a new superconscious planet.

The lids on truth are smothering our ‘blackmailed’ leaders into nothing but helpless followers.

The sun can’t shine when our portals of hope and social advancement are addled in darkness and deception. It’s time to shut off the distractions from truths and see that we are the apathetic sleepwalkers who have kept the shades of truth closed to create the stumbling and pains for the gains of the individual and collective over and over again.

The ‘birth of a new dawn’ is within each who steps into the light of the opportunities that are now before each of us. We are each limited in more ways than not to be the answers to the journey into a better world, and yet each of us is unlimited in someway to have the gifts to open windows of light. We all have the debilitating darkness and ignorance within but together, seeing and accepting each’s gift of contributions, we rise in unison to be the ‘second coming’ of life that creates a heaven on earth like never before. We all know little, yet each of us knows more than most in individual endeavors.

Tomorrow is here now. The past is now to accept and rise beyond with the positives, and let go of the negatives. The future is here and now. The chains of mediocrity are unlocked for freedom to choose how best to use the opportunities to rise to the occasion. Throw out the old, and make room for the new. Change of the ‘chains of habits that we all lug like a ball and chain’ can drift away and open the answers to a new way. We are all smarter than we think as long as we know that everyone else is too. The ‘hit of the moment’ is ‘you’ seeing the truths within.

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Days of Wine & Drugs

June 30, 2021

These are the days of censorship, political incorrectness, and ‘words that trigger’ unnecessary reactions & judgments. Maybe those were always here, but covered up and now exposed due to technological innovations. Because of this, these are the times of forgotten ‘Days of Wine & Roses’ by Henri Mancini from a more innocent time of the early ’60’s. That being said, I’ve come up with my own list of ‘trigger names or words’ that need to have a ‘let go’ of attachment to negative reactions enabling a more spiritual time to begin: My sometimes shocking censored (?) selection:

RACIST; RACISM; bonehead; numbskull; idiot; knucklehead; moron; meathead; jerk; turkey; imbecile; loser; nutcase; screwball; joker; shit head; fuck head; fuck face; killer; bubble brain; hayseed; schmiel; do do; redneck; pothead; nitpicker; cornball; dope; asshole; bastard; cock sucker; birdbrain; moose breath; couch potato; schmuck; sheeple; brat; bimbo; lowlife; fucker; scum; scumbag; space head/cadet; air heard; skitso; simpleton; batty; glutton; man eater; robot; candy ass; twitter brain; nerd; geek; psychic vampire; dipsy doodle; tweaker; psycho; battle ax; scatter brain; dingle berry; creep; scoundrel; tripper; stray dog; pig/piggy/piglet; ugly; numb nuts; melon head; hair brain; bitch; egg head; son of a bitch; cunt; prick; bible thumper; noodle brain; meth head; goofball; nincompoop; cracker; pea brain; nigger; yo yo; wacky/whack job; basket case; hooker; bozo; lunkhead; porch monkey; jungle bunny; simpleton; fag; hypo; low life; bottom feeder; lunatic: dweeb; du-fuss; dork; Mamby pamby; ding-a-ling; sourpuss; goober head; jackass; cockroach; loggerhead; mealy mouth; fart head; sweat hog; beetle brain; drama queen; wind bag; douche bag; ditsy; dimwit; blood fart …

So many more… No word should control your ego negatively, nor should anyone have to walk on eggshells wondering what can be said or not. There are hundreds of languages and dialects with an equal amount of words that have been ‘control words’. Life is best knowing how to live in the ‘wordless heart’. Always remember, ‘words are just sounds’ and someone speaking another language only hears what amounts to a non decipherable ‘sound. Judgments are really against yourself.

In being ‘more spiritual’, clutter in the mind, even if trauma memories, is not the highest spirit of you. In unlimited past lives, likely most everyone has experienced traumas that they even clung to throughout life, that could have been healed through the use of the mind and heart techniques that are more available now than ever before. You are in charge of the inner you that is no less than your best friend and perhaps more. Always, seek to let go, sometimes it’s instant and sometimes things have a reason to take longer. You are a miracle, and on a ‘clear day, you can see forever’. Let the mind be that consistent ‘clear day’ and be the ‘days of wine and roses’!

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International Firewall

Informational Firewall ⚒️️
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June 20, 2021
Do you have an invisible barrier to hide behind from who you really are, and cloaked in denial because of fear of rejection. Perhaps it could just be just an unconscious protectiveness from what ‘broken’ or damaged things are within. The ‘firewall person’ usually doesn’t have a ‘firewall or tongue tourniquet’ about outer things that they are knowledgeable about including ‘outer experiences’. However your inner experiences need not be put in a closet to be forgotten, or even more to be avoided and denied.

Many often, to avoid exposing their true nature and feelings, put up barriers that amount to evading exposure of their life’s resume. In a way, it becomes like a ‘prolonged adolescence’. Life need not become a slow quicksand where you age into immobility. The body ages, although less than it does for many, if your attitude is to live with what inspires growth within as well as without. Each is ageless, but susceptible to imaginary control self evaluation that stimulates either growth or only deterioration. Critical ‘self thinking’ for the best choices of the many before you is a ‘best choice’ for inner growth to a more positive, useful, and joyful life.

Do you worry about the unknown, uncertain and unpredictable future? Stop worrying about it, and start trusting life a little bit more.Trust that everything that happens, happens for your growth and is an opportunity to find something that will enhance your life. Trust that life knows your potential and it will nurture you. Help it along by seeing and knowing that. Trust that life works for you and with you, no matter how things work out. Trust your future and this may help you to make the most of life as it happens.

Like a car stuck in the sand or snow, the car gets unstuck because of intent, examination of how to right the wrong, and motion (emotion) to move on. We are all running out of time. Why run in place with no direction? Everything will be alright if you wake up and start moving into the way of the light. Wake up and don’t be a milquetoast and slip into an eternal sleep.

The greatest fear in the world is the opinion of others. The moment you are unafraid of the crowd, you are no longer a ‘sheeple’, you become a lion and a great roar arises in your heart and that is the roar of freedom. Arhata~
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Two Ears One Mouth

June 21, 2021
The reason for two ears and one mouth is to ‘listen’ more than talking! Joining a big Corporation in NYC out of college, one thing stressed in our sales meetings were, ‘shut up and listen! Another good complimentary advise with that was the acronym, ‘KISS – keep it simple, stupid’. Talking too much (a tsunami of the lips) for the listener to care or pay attention to is being too self absorbed and insensitive to the hopeful listener.
Talking over people is akin to quickly going thru a red light rather than
stopping as a courtesy and respect for others. I recall one friend who was so non stop talking, that I could put the phone down and come back minutes later, and he would still be talking. Of course, that sounds impolite too, but over time I’d asked him to tune in to the art of two way communication which involves empathy for the others feelings.

Why be attached to your bad habits, or the fear of getting others opinion about them, especially those who you value as having common sense, and having a constructive criticism. Worse yet perhaps is to ignore a habit that annoys others rationalizing because no one says anything (out of politeness or fear of your reaction) that is symptomatic of selfishness. Continued non correction of unthoughtful outer behavior is a reflection of an inner

reaction to unresolved issues. It’s a given natural to want freedom, yet we put ourselves often in the shackles of our own rigidness to positive change.

Listen to the heart speak its volumes while seeking its

unison with the receiver. Words are overrated and the volume of hearing automatically goes down with lack of or feigned interest. Certainly

there is a time for words, but best when in synchronicity with conscious openness and sensitivity. Words in print allow for keeping in precise tune with no overtaking.

Sometime the ‘sounds of silence’ can open a new world of communication that
mysteriously foments a deeper understanding and friendship. Words can clutter the

mind such that many are in a ‘word jail’ or life with them shackled in prison. Intellect is of the mind, and it’s good to have the ‘intelligence’ to know when to let it go and enjoy the nature of just being in a healthy, calm, smiling way. You are ‘saved’ when in harmony with all! A smile is wordless!

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