DIY Free Speech Kits

Arhata Osho and the Free Speech Display in Venice Beach, CA
Arhata Osho and the Free Speech Display in Venice Beach, CA

DIY Free Speech Kits for You, your group or organization

From 1994-2006, Arhata Osho did the ‘world’s largest display of Free Speech’ before millions on the famed Venice boardwalk in Los Angeles – and currently continues the tradition in Port Townsend, WA in spite of the City Council doing it’s best to oust him.



  • Start with material to do your own free speech display in public — such as:
  • Inexpensive items that you furnish: Dry Erase Boards, Poster Boards, Canvas, etc.
  • Get creative: You can start a board and have passers by fill in the blanks!
  • Tips and Ideas from the Yesss Center for Free Speech


  • In your local area where the most people pass by.
  • Public areas are protected by the First Amendment — HOWEVER:
  • Check your local city or town ordinances for codes determined to keep you in a “box” — ignorance is their game, not yours.
  • Be considerate — know your rights but don’t allow yourself to become bullied, threatened or harmed.
  • Be aware of space, make certain paths are not blocked by your Free Speech Art.

Why: (because you can) 

  • As a Public Service
  • To express your observations and experiences to many that might not be easily found otherwise
  • For example:
  1. Tips on finding work or sharing your resume in a profound and poignant way!
  2. Tips on public services available such as shelters, food banks, co-ops and programs
  3. Viewpoints on religion, drugs, politics, world affairs, relationships, surveys of anything


Free Speech As Art Displays are a great opportunity to meet people, collect emails for your network, and be part of a new trend of network connection with others doing free speech. Need to face a personal growth challenge and give yourself that feeling of “doing something to make it a more communicative world”? Try this as a project to become involved with your community. You will be surprised at the support you will get from conscious citizens. Be wary of local business people who might view you as a distraction or a threat, and remember to stay calm. Avoid altercations and arguments, stay focused and don’t intimidate anyone.

Public Free Speech Displays are Fun – you can offer ‘free hugs or, free compliments’ too! Do it once a week for 2 hours or more as you wish! The world and especially our nation should have demonstrations of what it means to be free to say what you feel!

Millions died for your right to have Free Speech – Support it and ‘Just Do It’!

Email or phone Arhata for support: the number is listed at the top of each web page on this site and below.

Yesss Center

est. 1991

310 880-2020

Port Townsend, Washington

(formerly Venice Beach, California)

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