Arhata at the Venice Board Walk
Arhata at the Venice Board Walk

For those new to this circle of ’spiritual friends’, my style of messages are what I refer to as ’spiritual shock talk’ or  ‘Zen Alarm Clock dialog’ — a metaphor to remind or send information to all on waking up!
For 15 years on the Venice Boardwalk in Los Angeles, California, I had a football field length of space for written free speech displayed on corporate sized dry erase white boards. It was a display unlike any other on the planet.

In 2007, I relocated to the ‘seaport town’ of Port Townsend, Washington near the Olympic Mountains where I continue my public free speech displays and single page writings on a myriad of subjects to provoke thinking and ideas for behavior change.  My path of experience has been ‘relationships as a spiritual path’ coupled with meditation.

Often, a smile enters into all essays — like a spoonful of organic GMO free sugar, it helps when you’ve got to swallow the “medicine of truth” down.


PS: You are being cordially invited to see some of the famous Billboard signs that were displayed for years on the famous boardwalk of Venice Beach California. Please enjoy and Welcome!


Spiritual Shock Talks and Free Speech
Spiritual Shock Talks and Free Speech


  1. Arhata Osho,
    I saw your write up in the Multidimensional. Forum, though I had subscribed to it a long time ago, I have just recently looked at various write ups and found some interesting read, if them all, I find your free write up easy to digest as well as what you write, I not only read, but every humour is dry for me I like it because of the fact that you express everything so profoundly, easily digested and understood, no frills, just content and deeply thought provoking all at once.
    I used to read books like the Third Eye by Lobsang Rampart, A Search in Secret India, A Search in Secret Egypt, these latter ones written by Doctor Paul Brunton and although they were harder to digest in the yesteryear, the content was equally thought provoking, this again depending on the reader’s thirst.
    But yours is awesome.


    1. Hi Prakash
      Nice to get a message like yours. Very appreciated.The third eye was the first book I read when out of college and in NYC. Read all 13 (?)- fascinating
      Where are you located? Is Prakash a name given to you by a spiritual friend. Send anything you like to my email ArhataWorldFreeSpeech@yahoo.co.uk
      Smiles and the best for the new year,

  2. Hi,
    I’m Randy & we have met several times. Do you have a posting at the co-op for a space to share/rent on Washington St.
    _()_ thx, R.

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