Spiritual Toilet Paper

Spiritual Toilet Paper 😮
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January 23, 2021
My intuition and use of common sense is that we’ll not need to chop down trees to make zillions of rolls of toilet paper after we leave the physical world to the ‘spiritual dimension’. Now, fact is, toilet paper is a new invention, even when I went to India, I had to use a few rolls of ‘toilet paper’ that I brought since I’d heard that many toilets are ‘hand wipe’ only. Not my thing! We in the human body at this time are ‘toilet paper spoiled’, and in the year of the ‘lockdown of 2020’ we had the inconvenience to deal with it often being sold out at stores.

To live in the material world with little or no regard that we are ‘spiritual beings’ living in a body is to not be conscious of the higher values and mysteries in life, instead shutting down the mind and heart to a greater sense of them. To be conscious of these values is to have the power to reject negative influences. To remain unconscious of them is to be a leaf in the wind, while spiritual cultivation is the key to developing conscious awareness of them.

The spirits of darkness are now among us. We have to be on guard so that we may realize what is happening when we encounter them and gain a real idea of where they are to be found. The most dangerous thing you can do in the immediate future will be to give yourself up unconsciously to the influences which are definitely present. If people express the natural human inclination toward spiritual growth, they free themselves from fear and anxiety, and effectively develop a sort of immunity to the influences of negative entities. If not, our vibration attracts hostile spirits and we fall unconsciously unto their influence.

Individually and collectively we need to realize all the positive gifts we have at this time in life on Earth as it has taken millions of years to have the opportunity to be superconscious beings and living in a collective world that ‘awakens’ to see each of us can be. All the inner manifestations are free if we allow them to be. Knowing how all was in the past makes us more appreciative. Even the advent of ‘toilet paper’ coming into use wasn’t that long ago. Did Abe Lincoln have toilet paper? Certainly a Jesus or Buddha didn’t, and they rose to the peaks of consciousness. Lightening up and living a life that you are excited about with the ability to laugh is a divine key. WE are little manifestations of godliness. ABCD – Always Be C(S)eeing for the Divine!

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Trap of ‘NO-No’

Trap of ‘NO-NO’ 👀
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December 3, 2020
Change is the only permanent thing in life, and that’s not the change in your pocket. A habit, primarily a bad one, becomes deeper and deeper and a ‘tattoo’ on the false you. Change for the better is always an option. The society, especially at this virus time, is masking the ‘yes smile’ that we use to see even passing by a stranger on the sidewalk. Apart from that, it’s good to ask yourself if you are a ‘no-no person’ with more often a negative attitude than positive? It’s easier to say ‘no’ than yes. I especially learned that on Wall St. when looking for business.

A few months ago, there was a man being restrained by police who said he couldn’t breath. The non secret to life is ‘breath’. We can survive without seeing, hearing, speaking, etc., but not without the ‘breath of life’! All that moves needs to breath. Not just to breath but to breath fresh air for protecting health and the immune system. Everyone needs it, and from nature. At least an hour a day of healthy ‘nature’ breathing outside is better than an ‘apple a day’ while never breathing fresh air.

There is a song at this time of year, ‘All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth’ by the legendary memorable singer, Nat King Cole. Well, there are a lot of inner values even more important. Without breath, nothing is important. Today with the virus and ‘misinformation’ distributed my the media, the majority are in ‘lockdown’ from breathing fresh air, but opting for unneeded masks to block fresh air. No credible, objective so called expert would agree it’s necessary, especially walking alone in the fresh air.

The world of individuals needs much more love, and there seems to be a shortage in minds and hearts of how to get more. Being more informed on ‘goings on’ in the country with integrity is a good use of breath. Breath is best with freedom. Masking freedoms without deep understanding and research of ‘why’ is to put the ‘breath’ in fear, anxiety and needless ‘worry control’ from the ‘media with an agenda for personal ‘benefits’ while not being in the highest integrity.

Love is in the Air. What’s rarely said is that the ‘air is love’. That’s why ‘fresh air is important’ not to mention the art of breathing, which is called meditation to be in sync with your higher and spiritual self. We must never forget though that the body is the temple of that spirit of breath. Time to say ‘yes-yes’ more and kNOw it’s best!

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Smoking Pot or Meditation?

Smoking Pot or Meditation? 🍹
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November 28, 2020
What goes around, goes around. It’s good to talk about anything. Sometimes we need to relax and have a beer or a good hit of weed. Most agree that it’s ok. Too much of anything seems to be a problem, most would agree. For those choosing neither, a relaxing stimulant, god bless them. It’s a confusing, stress full world for most. Things are changing at alarming rates and the speed of that is out of control. WE need to keep all of our ‘mechanisms’ in top working order especially our mental, emotional, spiritual, and common sense working at top notch.

Any psychological professional would agree that there can be too much beer or too much

weed consumed for personal inner growth. It’s counter to their trying to help free yourself from accumulated ‘flotsam’ floating in the brain and heart. However, it pays the bills and all the luxuries that are gifts from the profession.

Now there is another ‘backup method’ to what stimulates the mind that all sensible, honest, informed professionals of mind or religion like to avoid talking about, or especially promote. That ‘back up method’ is methods of life’s greatest gift, ‘breathing’ or the ‘art of breathing’, sometimes called ‘meditating’ techniques … or meditation. Meditation was unheard of in America until the 2nd half of the 20th century. Stimulants precede our founding fathers as a ‘quick fix’. Now days it’s so quick, some nefarious souls drop it in others drinks for ‘mind control’. It’s kind of like ‘pulling the rug out from under you’ where you lose all control of the mind, and other faculties.

Dancing can become a form of meditation where the dancer becomes the dance and with a natural loss of the mind. Many happenings can become the gift of pure awareness, … and naturally. Meditating frees the heart and mind, and deeply from all prior distractions or impediments to being the ‘free you’ void of all unnecessary fear and control. Meditation brings you up with no down. It’s not a temporary blanket … and it’s free. That’s why the ‘shrink’ avoids bringing it up. In the case of the ‘religion head’, they know, (Or … maybe don’t know it?) frees the need for religion and it’s ‘beliefs’. Beliefs can and do become a ‘drug’ or stimulant. Someone just said to, me if ‘mistletoe’ can be a meditating devise? Hmmm? Well love and especially deeper love is a meditation, and maybe the ‘deeper love’ is all that’s needed. Stimulants are quick picker uppers. What makes you up, will bring you down. Meditation is a clearing of what’s not really you into a natural inner joy and bliss. And, it’s free!


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Road to Hell

Road to Hell ⚒️️
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October 10, 2020

Have you strayed on the way, and are on the road to Hell? Oh, No!…you just might be on that road to Hell? Wake up and turn around, before there is no way back! The road to Hell is a great big jammed freeway on a rainy, stormy night where you’ll never reach home again. You may not have expected it, but has your life been filled with negativity and apathy to follow the high roads of life. If life stops today, have you filled it with positive actions, blessings for others, and the love of yourself?

Back when, one early rainy night I walked down Wall St. where I worked, I had a feeling in my being that this narrow, short road was ultimately a road to Hell as much as I enjoyed it. It was days before Christmas, and I was headed to a company Christmas celebration at the World Trade Center’s ‘Windows on the World’ 107 stories up over the world and New York City. Out of the crowded room mixed with people from my company and our wealthy clients from law firms, investment banks, and corporations came a surprise unexpected guest from one of the law firms…a girl I had been engaged to a couple months before, came toward me. She wore a blue fox coat with a big greeting smile.

Our encounter only lasted another month, but at that moment as we looked through the night rain out into the magnificent city, I felt that I had reached heaven. A few years went by, remembering that night, I sat out on my 40th floor balcony overlooking Central Park and skyscrapers the day after Christmas, a vision came over me that working in the great city of New York was a road of riches, and maybe a road to Hell. A couple months later I left that road and climbed the stairs to a new life of meditation, giving, and enjoying a simpler life of nature’s riches. The new life began in California, can’t say it’s all been California and West Coast dreamin’, but giving up the ‘high flying’ opened up living on the ‘freeway’ of life to the road least traveled.

Is it the stairway to Heaven? Is there even a Heaven but within? Always climbing to the most heartfelt option is in a sense, ‘a stairway to Heaven’. The stairway is not crowded but open to everyone who opens their heart and journeys up to the valley of the rich in heart. The doors are open and the stairway always beckons waiting for you to move in the direction of the light above. Life has choices…with awareness and discernment of the most conscious path the best answers are forthcoming.


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