Spiritual Chaos

Spiritual Chaos 🙏
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May 1, 2021
All religions are here to stay until individuals, and the collective, are aware enough of themselves to best handle life in consciousness. This past year or so has proven that the collective population is easily lead by fear and a ‘lack of credible research of what’s going on with the world lockdown’, and the violence in most inner downtown cities. The general populace is unconsciously guided by propaganda from the media, politics, and corporations.

Throwing the baby out with the water at this point would be to increase what’s already a very mixed chaos into one on steroids. Humanity is still ‘groveling’ for traction of any semblance of harmony, let alone common sense. We are at the ‘post neanderthal collective development stage’ with ‘runaway technology’ that, if left unchecked, will destroy where we’ve managed to come to after millions of years. Common sense, aligned with the heart, is still in the dawn of awakening. Instant transformation of life is possible, and why not now and here? If not that…how about here and now?

Chaos is the begging of change, and if viewed as an opportunity to grow to new heights, is the storm before the calm. It may not be something we like to be involved in, but chaos can be a teacher of what to avoid and what to focus on in a more positive direction. On a personal basis, it can be a relationship that turns into a type of chaos or one that blocks the ‘feel goodness’ of interactions. Whether it’s you, the other, or both of you who creates the recurring dissidence, it’s like ‘harmony stuck between a rock and a hard place, it’s always going to be a drain on harmony. Harmony that is ‘drugged’ is perpetual chaos.

Suppression of what needs to be let out creates a relentless churning of forms of internal chaos. Come back to your ‘natural self’. In letting go and opening the heart with a friendship to the mind, there will be ‘order in the court of life’! Listen to your heart by feeling your heart and then what your mind-heart is saying to listen to. As this is written, it’s ‘May Day’ (May1)) – day of renewal, but also a sign of distress – ‘SOS’. Let the ‘now’ be a moment of letting go of the signs of distress of any and all internal chaos to move into a journey of celebrating life. Obstacles are Opportunities! Always take the best options available.


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