Emotional Quotient (EQ) 🙏

September 2, 2020
Intellectual Quotient is ‘linear’, emotional quotient is vertical. Together they make a wonderful marriage of common sense, mind and heart triage. The spiritual world becomes more available as well as the ability to rise the love being. Scientific proof is not emotional proof. It is mechanical proof with the upholding mathematical equation. Emotions, the integral part of breathing, have no place in the mechanized and mathematical but to offer a healthy balance.

One without the other is like a carriage without a horse or a vehicle these day without a GPS device to avoid having to struggle with a map that leaves out ‘specific addresses’ of course.

Someone who only guides by their heart while using little intellect or common sense needs to live in a fantasy world. Whether living in a low or negative state of emotions, it’s always prudent to access the brain of common sense. Emotions can take you rolling into the thunder of the blues. The emotionally stable will always be able to pull out of the bumpy turmoils that happen, or better yet balanced emotions and mind will either avoid those moments or steer through them as if guided by a godly force.

Only humans have full use of their emotions and intellect to steer them into the heaths and depths of imagination with no limits, but for they not operating in synchronicity guided by unseen forces that would otherwise not be pulled into a positive receptacle. Life can be an often recurring torcher chamber or a journey of obstacles to learn from and consistently move ahead with answers that make life a blessing. Self control comes from a balance within that some have more from childhood and many have to shape to fix and help themselves so that they might help others struggling with where you came from and moved beyond.

The day of this writing is a clear day with a bright full moon to cap off a great day. It’s analogous to you being in full operating condition of the heart, mind, and spirit of love within.

It’s always an opportunity to stop, evaluate and self examine yourself with a mental choice to do what is necessary. Carpe Diem. ‘’Seize the day’’ Make the most of the present moment! It’s not called a ‘present’ for nothing! Rumor has it that you can be everything you want to be. Start now – within!
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