Letting Go of Love

Letting Go of Love

August 31, 2010
Until the ‘object’ of love is let go of, love is conditional and unfinished. What you think of love, is that only seen through a confused mind and heart. On the path of love, the other is the face of god. Going beyond trust into the unfathomable, infinite mysteries of the soul, and it’s merging, is found the ‘inner love’ that remains untethered within. Love has no time frame to prove. Deeply and beyond, it becomes like one’s own possession not needing the other as the object of love.

It has been said, ‘if you meet the Buddha on the path, kill him’, meaning to let go of all neediness and expectations. At that point ‘the Buddha’ has entered into you and you no longer are needing the nurturing of the Buddha. The same is with love. At some point, rarely experienced among people, you and the other disappear, and all that ensues in happening, is beyond the ‘gift of nirvana’. The ‘real tunnel of love’ is moving through the darkness with no mind into the other side, or beyond, impregnated with the eternal scents of divine love.  Only the clearer souls can see it.

Only happy people are attracted to ‘happy people’. My experience is that only loving people can find loving people. However, what seems as loving may well be ‘surface loving’. Deep loving people are a magnate for those seeking love who are in fear, and may only have a small supply to give and receive. First one must find the love within, as seeking it from one who is without the awareness of communication, agreement, and compassion is soon tantamount to an ‘unwilling letting go’.

The need to be loved is immature or childish. The need to love is mature! Learn first how to be alone. Loneliness is neediness searching for someone to use for comfort and gratification. It’s a wrong way to start a loving relationship that cannot move beyond ‘partially functional’ for survival. When you give, you get – not the other way around. Typically, a relationship turns into something ‘bad for each other’. Love is a delicate phenomenon requiring a letting go to both give and receive for the benefit of the other. When one moves beyond the common concept of love, love lasts a 100 years and more, ‘without the one that activated it’! No more love, ‘here today gone tomorrow’, or being over before it’s really begun. Let go totally in awareness and love grows by itself endlessly, even alone!

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