How Long Is It?

How Long is It?


August 30, 2010
Length is over rated! Quality is often ignored for length. We humans accept cliches as gospel when in fact they were outdated to begin with. ‘God the Father, or God up in the sky’, or ‘heaven above’ – on and on. Less important concerning ‘length’, but still in the mentality of the masses, is to judge success of a marriage by it’s length!  20 – 50 – 70 years have NOTHING to do with the quality that may not hold a candle to a partnership of say a year with a beautiful transition to a special friendship, or even nothing but a positive memorable, following shadow throughout life.

People are dyslexic when it comes to certain values of importance, seeing only what they’ve been programmed to accept as a ‘lesser value’, instead clinging to ‘backwards thinking’. Enlightenment comes in a moment, and has NOTHING to do with length of time, nor does what a ‘relationships length’ have anything to do with inner evolvement, or self realization. Eternal bliss enters a being when an invisible line has been crossed in a conscious mind that has become empty of the chatters of ‘me-me-me’.

Moving and arriving to the peaks of consciousness comes in a flash, an evolvement, and most likely, never! One way is meditation, the second being through a deep love with another. Both meet at the same ‘top of the mountain’ but with different paths as well as ‘looking different’. Both fill one with love. The meditation path is the ‘path of the alone’ to the alone. The ‘love path’ has been more rare due to prior ‘world conditions’, and subjugation of the female. It happens with two people who move beyond individuality into the mysteries of oneness.

Being able to drop the ‘object’ of love, meaning the relationship with the beloved, and see that the ‘love’ is within you, is enlightening. It’s not how long it lasts, but the depth of the quality. Drop yourself, let go of everything, be free! Quality creates a different, and eternal kind of length. To Love another person is to see the face of God!

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