Love is Intoxicative

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Love is Intoxicative
September 2, 2012
Love has no hangover! ‘’Love is love only when it intoxicates’’! Love has been reduced to a gesture like ‘have a nice day’, and has become a meaningless, ‘now off with you’! So called love that isn’t intoxicating is something else. Just because the heart fluttered in the beginning, and now on holidays or unexplained events doesn’t mean it qualifies as love. Love always wants better quality love for the other. Love never takes freedom away from the other. Love is freedom!

Love isn’t the joy of sex! Sex can be enjoyed with little or no love. Love takes over everything as does the air you breath. Love is in your very breath, and it doesn’t stop breathing, or convert to something ‘lesser’. Love is a permanent ‘buzz’, or a light state of drunkenness that never changes for another, and becomes a permanent part of your very breathing for all. Love conquers all malaise, fears, depressions, unconsciousness, as well as all ‘roadblocks’ in life to see, and feel the value or positive in all things. Love is a constant transcending, even death.

All intoxicants are harmful, but love. Love is not love that smokes, but is on fire all the time. Love is a natural intoxicant. Drowning oneself into a state of forgetfulness has been man’s way to cope with a lack of love within down the ages. It is a youthful rejuvenating to the spirit of life. Love is the doorway into the unknown divine, and no other intoxicants are needed. All other than love, kills love. Love is enough coupled with your awareness of all in the world. In fact, love creates the awareness.

Love is a ‘remembering’ quality, and not a forgetfulness like all other intoxicants. Today you can drown yourself in intoxicants, and unlike love, tomorrow it’s back to the same old miseries. In one way, love intoxicates you. It is a double edged knife. One side cuts into what your ego creates all around you, and on the other side, it creates a rising of love energies within you. That phenomenon creates a natural alertness to give out and receive love. It cuts the roots of all misery and negativity.

Religions have not created love in humanity, but to just talk about it, and make it into a verbal, disposable like mantra that goes as deep as a puddle. Love is an ocean of depth, and at the same time is the oxygen of itself and your personal life. Be part of adding love oxygen to intoxicate the planet with a love energy.

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