Get on the Ground

Get on the Ground!!!

 November 13, 2020

Drop your mind! Comply to what you are not in control of. Use common sense and awareness with discernment. Life precedes you and stays long, long after you are gone. Always look to make the best decisions.  If you don’t, life will come up with one that you may not find to your fancy. Be the caretaker of ‘you’ in body, mind, and spirit. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Not yesterday! Always do not forget to take out the garbage. In this case, always empty the garbage in your head, especially that which has haunted you for years.

No one wants to let garbage pile up. It can be called ‘STUFF’ that is saved decade after decade. The material needs to not accumulate, but particularly the stuff lugged around in the head which serves nothing but the ‘shut down’ of who you really are. Be courageous and do  something about it! Believe in a God or not (and remember it’s just a word for the English speaking), and it’s not meant for anyone to worship the letters…that’s not the real thing. Many, many cultures have many languages and perceptions of god. 

Be open to love and the feeling in the heart. Let love rise into the mind with discernment of the best possibilities for all situation’s. Life is like a puzzle on  how to react/respond to all stimuli and that ‘stimuli’ may be the perceptions within you. BE like ‘Superman’ who was disabled when someone brought a hard substance called Kryptonite making him lose his magical powers. Use that imaginary kryptonite to take the energy out of negativities. Always remember though that the negative can be a teacher, and an opportunity to look for a positive solution. If the negative is harming your life, make the best of it using step by step into the light out of it.

Today was the superstitious ‘Friday the 13th’ where bad luck is more likely…supposedly. Tremendous rain this morning. Haven’t used an umbrella in a long time, and as I started out into the rain someone offered me an umbrella. I opened it on the porch and knocked over a prize plant breaking the vase. Picked up the broken pieces and then the same person brought me a new planter from the garden and all was ok. I decided to stay out of the rain. 20 minutes later a resident alerted me that the overflow sink in the laundry room basement had overflowed. We did our best to fix it. The rest of the day was marvelous. Negativity knows no season but along  with it comes positive solutions that reduces negativities. It’s important to keep your feet on the ground, head in the stars and your heart in the one season of open to love. Stop resisting! Get in your heart! Make life a ‘walk in the park’. 

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