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Flickering Love 🤷


Aug 2 2021

Flickering Love 🤷 Inline image May 23, 2021 Love can be a booby trap! Love is not the same for everyone. Give the most sensitive amount of fertilizer to plants, including sun, temperature, and water vs the same plants getting not enough of it, and the experience in growth will produce different results. A ‘flicker’ of truth, love or whatever is never going to produce the same results as that representing common sense, and heartfelt sensitivity. Love is ‘organic’ when it doesn’t have negative energies in it. Most relationships are the ‘supermarket kind’ with a lot of non essential additives that remain inside the love. Rare are two people that come together with unrelenting, consistent deep love which I call ‘organic love’. Love with unresolved ingredients is what is called in the fruit and vegetable world non organic, and likely sprayed with pesticides (like the infamous Roundup). Fake love and love that’s off and on, especially for ‘show’ to others, inevitably results in poor love health that likely is always repaired with bandaid methods. A complete overhaul of getting rid of blocks that poison love by making it undependable is a gift to the self. Incomplete love flickers between being on and off. The taste is not always right, and when in a relationship, each partner has their own ‘flicker on and off timeline’ making it difficult to see the light of harmony together. Life has a lot available to choose. Wrong choices and there is a lot to lose, especially to both in love through life’s challenges. Sometimes in a ‘flicker love’, when not choosing to evolve, there are power shortages accompanied by violent storms of energy. Hopefully the lights of love come back on, but it’s a warning that things need to be fixed. Always it begins with yourself first, but of course the other must also be fixed with an open non flickering heart. In harmony with your inner self and, love ‘lights brighter’. In a couple, there is great strength when in sync, rather than both having flickering, struggling moments of disconnection. Sentenced to a yo-yo partnership really is ‘karma’ for being that way yourself. Being alone and not entangled in a prison like relationship is a great opportunity to seek and use the many techniques to raise your energy which is a natural way to avoid being chained to what you would avoid if your mental and heart system were working on all cylinders. Love is both dangerous, and yet in its higher expression an entry into a special freedom of joy and bliss. Deep love is enlightenment! Most everyone can have it. Take quiet times to close your eyes and watch the breath, letting whatever comes up just be. One day, it fades away and love shines through. Life gives rewards as you give to it. Arhata~ Inline image ArhataOsho.com Become a Patron @ Pateron: Arhata World Free Speech is creating Free Speech Display Essays Or make a one time donation: paypal.me/COlson483 189681321_1819271438250264_2663661184806570029_n .jpg 228.8kB
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Careful Love


Aug 2 2021

Careful Love 🌈 May 17, 2021 Love can be dangerous. Love can take your breath away. Love can be like a fire that burns out. Love can also put your breath back into a new life. However, be careful who you love! Unfinished love is lost love, but is love really ever lost? Love that never reached its completion will always leave an empty spot in the heart. Love sometimes wants to love what or who won’t receive it for their blocks to love within them, and of course do you have them? Change is constant and with that change comes winning or losing and everything in between. The moments keep flowing as a river bouncing over rocks and all else within their way. That moment is fleeting, but let the heart catch it, and it can fill the memories of love forever. One’s life is always because of someone and that someone is many of different impacts beginning with ‘mom’. Because of those ‘once strangers’ imprint, you are the new you. No life is without pain and yet is an opportunity of gain whether you see it or not. Be in awareness and thankfulness if you can see loss or pain as opportunity. Sometimes new opportunity comes slowly and unrealized for a long time. Always I think of the surreal, beautiful girl from another country when together we both enjoyed several years of love. After a year, it was like ‘oceans apart’ as we both stayed close even though we were 3,000 miles apart with me in NYC and her in Portland, Or. We both followed great job opportunities while leaving it open that we’d come together when it was clear who had the best career opportunity. Well, we both had the best job. After coast to coast visits every few weeks for a few short years life together flowed into the ocean where we parted. The great loss was with a deep loss, but nearly a year later, I met someone who I never imagined then would the best friend of my life who affected great opportunities far beyond my imagination. Sometimes it takes ‘time’ to see that one loss can follow with something life changing in a positive way that wouldn’t have happened but for even a great loss. Loss is like a river, love yourself, send love out, and flow with it to the mysterious moments coming. Life’s flowing can be lifted to new positive dimensions for those who always let go and keep paths open. Always nurture love’s feeling whether in loss or in the new moment. Remember that the love really is you loving your inner self. Love is like a baby, and needs great care through wherever it goes in life. Love is in the air, and the secret is that the air is love. Find more of it through your attraction abilities in a let go and/or breathing meditations. We are always young and free to receive and give love. Every moment is starting over! Inline image
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Holy Books & Dictionaries 📣


Jul 25 2021

Holy Books & Dictionaries 📣 Inline image May 14, 2021 ‘One world religion’ has NOTHING to do with saviors, saints, males of antiquity or holy books that are allegedly responsible for great miracles and guiding humanity. Like many things that still may have value in them, but have been superseded by better, easier methods to be ‘saved’ is otherwise like putting a square peg in a round hole. There are better methods like having places of applying positive fuel to those who come for assistance and stimulation as in a new religion. Meeting places can exist for providing all the words, and techniques to reach inner love, awareness, and discernments for all life. We no longer use dictionaries when a word can be looked up on the computer. Dictionaries (and encyclopedias) gather dust as should all the holy books. Yesteryears methods in all things need reevaluation and updating regardless of a previous value. And yet let there be value in the old for those who must have the freedom to choose. There is a better way, and it's very simple. Let's be realistic and positive and seek the simple opportunity. Old religions are like dictionaries - who buys a DICTIONARY any more?! All we need is love and its accompanying attributes. Falling into love is a road to falling out of love. Rise in love. Always look for opportunities to rise in love. There are storms and even seemingly hopeless blank spots in life. Always there are opportunities waiting, be they hidden until who knows when. The open heart will give the answers. Time to get on the road of love and give up the booze, drugs, complacencies, bad habits, and all traps that keep you running in place, or even the slow sinking in quick sand. Listen to the little voice deep within and see that heading into the light is wordless. With every stumble, get up and wipe the dust off to rise above it. How can am open heart send and receive the best messages for life? The same way the limited brain does! They both have a mind. Listen to your heart. Let the clear mind ‘police’ that the heart is not overworking or over emphasizing, and even be it ‘out to lunch’ or not being open enough. To be in superconsciousness of maximized love energy, one needs a clear connection from the heart to the brain/mind. When in the world without the strong presence of love the heart/mind connection will face unnecessary challenges and discombobulations. Always seek a time out to reboot and align the marriage of mind and heart with the heart leading the way to positive results. Seek opportunities for the heart to love the mind as then the mind will love the heart. In a relationship of two souls meeting and melting as one is when ‘both’ individually have a clear mind-heart connection within. The real ‘holy book’ is the mind and heart in love with each other. God or godliness enters the presence. When the mind is well and the heart is well, always nirvana of blissfulness will be carried within. Arhata~
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God’s Wellness Center


Jul 25 2021

God’s Wellness Center Inline image May 9, 2021 A parable for wellness: A friend went to the God's Wellness Center to have their routine check-up and it was confirmed that they were ill. When God (let’s call God, ‘love’ or maybe better, a combination name of male and female like ‘Caitlyn’) took my blood pressure, Caitlyn saw I was low in tenderness. When reading my temperature, the thermometer registered 40o of anxiety. Caitlyn ran an electrocardiogram and found that I needed several “love bypasses” since my arteries were blocked with loneliness and could not provide for an empty heart. My friend went to an orthopedic, because they could not walk by their brother’s side and they could not hug their friends, since they had fractured themselves when tripping with envy. Caitlyn also found they were short-sighted, since they could not see beyond the shortcomings of their brothers, sisters, and friends. When complaining about deafness, the diagnostic was that they had stopped listening to Caitlyn’s voice talking to them on a daily basis. For all of that, Caitlyn gave them a free consultation thanks to His/Her mercifulness, so my pledge is to, only take the natural remedies Caitlyn prescribed through his/her words of truth: *Every morning take a full glass of gratitude.
 * When getting to work, take one spoon of peace.
 * Every hour, take one pill of patience, one cup of loving hood and one glass of humility
 * When getting home, take one dose of love
 * When getting to bed, take two caplets of clear conscience
 *Do not give in to sadness or desperation for what you are going through today. The Devine Presence knows how you feel...Go`d knows exactly and with perfection what is being allowed to happen to you in your life at this precise moment. God’s purpose for you is simply perfect. She/He wants to show you things that only you can understand by living what you are living, and by being in the place you are now. May the ‘Illimitable presence’ give you...* For every storm, a rainbow* For every tear, a smile,* For every care, a promise,
 * And a blessing in each trial. For every problem, life sends a faithful friend to share. For every sigh, a sweet song.
 *And an answer for each prayer. You are a child of the Devine with everything within to help you to find the spirit of life and love that is your right to have and experience. Always know your spirit is indomitable and a light unto the dark. You are an endless candle in the wind that shines the light unto the path for others. Remember, you are a reflection and child of Godliness. And, remember and know that ‘God’ or whatever name used, represents both mother and father and is best reached through the sensitive heart and mind with awareness and discernment. Arhata~
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Manic on the Go#@%*#!


Jul 21 2021

Manic on the Go#@%*#! Inline image May 6, 2013 I might be crazy, and don’t mind if you think so, but it feels right to me! I’m in love with the ‘resident’ inside the body. Always look for the ‘body inside’ even if it’s barely visible. Be in love with your body…inside! If that doesn’t work, try the techniques to find that love within. Some of them are called ‘meditating techniques’. They are varied, and like most things, as in the seeds planted in the garden - they need consistent care and attention as they slowly blossom. Your inner love will slowly blossom, and all you need to do is protect it from that which is harmful. The world is having a ‘manic’ attack on it’s sensibilities and common sense, stirred with fear tactics implemented by world political systems for purposes of more control. Over the last few decades references have continued to be made of controls being implemented for a ‘new world order’, and not one wanted by the desired freedoms of the masses. However, one that the masses ‘think’ they have welcomed. The false shall be sold as freedoms of choice. Brings to mind an analogous situation. In a prison there is always rumblings over conditions. One day someone started a circular paper to support greater freedoms and care. The prisoners were happier particularly since they could voice their thoughts regularly. Of course, it’s still a prison. Unknown to the prisoners the paper was started and edited by the head of the prison who maintained that information in the dark shadows. This is analogous to what’s happening on the planet. Mind control, not by the political system, but who controls it from the dark shadows cloaked in secrecy. As technological advances become more sophisticated not to mention dangerous, and more and more rapidly available, controls of common sense for the protection of humanities freedoms of positive expression need be developed. Humankind allowing themselves to be guinea pigs and mindlessly accepting of controls due to lack of being informed as they fritter away endlessly while the big bad wolf is busy behind the scenes manipulating them is a recipe for taking away all human liberties. For the first time in life on earth, we are at the precipice of collectively raising us into superconscious beings and not chattel or sheeple to be manipulated, dominated and controlled into a herd mentality to be farmed by the oppressors. Realization must arise that we are the ‘oppressors’ by our silence, lack of being informed, lack of individual inner development, and lack of personal action to make a difference in bringing more light, joy and blissfulness into the world. People seem to be experiencing a form of psychosis, including hallucinations and delusions, which indicate a separation from reality. It’s time to rise up from the fearful skid row of the mind and heart while moving closer to a nirvana. Arhata~ Inline image
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Teflon Intellectualism


Jul 14 2021

Teflon Intellectualism Inline image May 3, 2021 Stop and not think, and feel the pleasurable ‘no mind’ experience. The heart and the mind are not always friendly to each other. The worst use of the intellect, is to ignore the heart, and worse yet to deny it. In today’s world, the minds of humankind have become divorced from the heart. Heart emotions have become compartmentalized and put into a closet replaced by the mind, not to mention chasing satisfaction of the appetites. Relegating the heart to an often non used appendage of the mind is a course on the path to battles with who you are close to including yourself. Being overdependent on the mind, while with a struggling heart, will deceive the mind that it’s always ‘the other’ person who causes the fracas. The end result of over intellectualizing consistently is to dig deeper and deeper into habits of marginalizing positive emotions. There is a time to control emotions and a time to totally ‘let go’. A good measurement is to avoid negative emotions and yet being the watcher of them when they come or arise, and that is in itself a positive choice. The negative is a ‘teacher’ for those aware and able to let the heart be a helpful guest. Wisdom avoids fighting the mind to the best of its ability. Wisdom sees the benefit in all and is able to convert any perceived negativity to its highest consciousness. As you see life, be it as a struggle or as something to be enjoyed, life as you see it will be as you see it. It’s a mirror of how you think and are or not in harmony with mind and heart. You attract what you give out. Avoid the dissonant or at least keep ‘the measure of your inner harmony’. Mind creates battle, heart moves in the opposite direction. Nature is without words and instead a breathing organism. No ‘Mark of the Beast’ is possible without words, and certainly not with the heart that listens and speaks the ‘breath of love’. Letting go of a mind that is non stop running, sometimes impressing itself that it’s a formidable king when it is only a servant of life is a wise choice. Intellect is not intelligence as we have been conditioned to think. Intellect is ‘flat line’ or horizontal while intelligence is vertical encompassing everything from logic, intuition, feeling, instinct, emotions, logic, discernment, etc. The intellect is very valuable, yet it doesn’t breath as the heart does. Always remember to put heart and compassion into the words. One day, words will mean nothing as the heart of consciousness will be merged into the illimitable space. Let your being be like a multitude of multicolored fragrant roses. Arhata~ Inline image
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