Forward, Upward, & Onward

Forward, Upward & Onward 🙋‍♂

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November 27, 2020

Triggering someone’s negative reaction to your ‘good intention’ thoughts is certainly bothersome.You may interact with negative people daily, be they friends, family members, a partner, or a colleague. You love them, you care about them, you can’t just cut them out of your life, but they are negative and their negativity is troublesome. What can you do? The best way of dealing with life’s challenges is to take a good look at ourselves and taking responsibility for what we think, feel and do.

You are running the ‘YOU show’. No need to complain. Make sure you are taking responsibility for your feelings and mood. Why complain that other people’s negativity is affecting you, it will only create more negativity. Take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings and see what you can do to make yourself feel better and change the existing situation. Don’t forget your senses of humor and ability to laugh at yourself.


Take responsibility for your feelings and mood. Complaining about others negativity is useless.  See what you can do to make yourself feel better and change the existing situation. Look closely at the negative  people in your life. Is what they are doing really that bad or is your brain playing games with you? Remember, the brain is configured to look for trouble, and it focuses on other’s negative qualities. It’ll be very hard to get it to see the positive side of things, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Look for the hidden opportunities.

If you want to cure negativity, sliding down right along with the negative person won’t help, it will just make it worse by validating their thought and behavioral patterns. Rather, focus on solutions, not problems. Instead of being a victim and judge, you need to take full responsibility for your thoughts and feelings, and take a different approach. “Everything that annoys us in others can lead us to a better understanding of ourselves.”  – Carl Jung.

Work on understanding life’s inevitable duality – accept the negative with the good. Life is really ‘non duality’ where there is no right and wrong, black and white, it’s usually some sense of in between.  Don’t harp on people’s negativity, don’t judge or fight them. Let them be, look and accept. Remember, your world is no more real than a reflection of who you are, deep inside. Don’t try to bring everyone into your own world, accept theirs as no less real than yours, and their point of view as no less valid. 

Dealing with negativity and trying your best to dispel it can be exhausting, and at some point, you have to move on with your life in a positive way. Find a path that allows you to go on with your life without the negativity of others, but also, without the regret that leaving a loved one or friend behind may cause you. Remember, like a plane – forward, upward, and onward! 

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