Take, Take, Take 
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November 10, 2020

When giving a gift, have no expectations. Giving is receiving and receiving from the heart.  The givers heartfelt choice is to not to ask for it back of course. He who gives from the heart has received. End of giving. The receiver is best to receive from the heart. If the giver, later for whatever reason, wants what was given returned, he becomes what most of us learned as ‘kids’, an ‘indian giver’. In other words, someone who has reversed the giving and become a ‘take, take, taker’, and it can only be from the mind which it likely was given from initially. 

Nature is nature and gives what it does with no possibility of taking the earthquake or storm back because some didn’t like it for whatever reason. Nature as the giver does not take responsibility for how it’s reacted to. The receiver has the responsibility to make the choice of how to react or respond. Nature is gift giving being it perceived as heartfelt or heatless, it is all in the eyes of the perceiver. 


The mind often is looking to serve what it wants selfishly. Wanting something back without regard for it being received from the heart, because of judging that the receiver didn’t appreciate it, is reverse ‘take, take, taking. There is no Santa Clause, but if there were one, he wouldn’t come back to take his toys or decide before the next Christmas that the receiver wasn’t appreciative enough!

Greed is always from the ‘mind’ to serve the wanting of the mind of judgment. Always ‘the receiver’ to be receiving is thank full and appreciative regardless of the outcome. Intent of giving and receiving is of goodwill and joy. Giving a meal in a restaurant is from the heart. Receiving it is from appreciation. How one eats it, be it ‘finished’ or not, is the receivers choice that began and continued with good intentions.

We have seemingly arrived in a time of ‘take, take, take’. Something for nothing; buy one get one free and even having to do nothing but be given free by others. The truth of the matter is that simply by giving you will receive all that you need. Giving is receiving.Today let me find a way to ‘give’ unconditionally and with love.

Give a smile; give a word of appreciation; give a thought of good wishes; give your co-operation for a task. Make today a day of giving and tomorrow you will receive the fruits. Love is more than a word as well as free, and is not of the mind for the real love of the heart. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS, NOT YOUR MONEY! 
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