December 10, 2013
Divorce is a teacher. Some teacher’s are not pleasant. Some divorces, although few are pleasant, come to a later reconciliation as ‘friends’. Deep love is a blessing. Most who divorce, at best only experienced ‘the deep’ part rarely, hence the ‘karma for questionable marriage’. Intimate relationships involving marriage or not, must not be without open communication, mutual agreements, and compassion for the others plight especially if a ‘transition’ happens to another arrangement. Anyone who falls in love, then out of love needs to examine their qualifications for ‘locking’ another soul into a bonding that has a ‘life term contract’.

Real love doesn’t have ‘drama’ endings, but endings or transitions with love for each other. However, those are the exceptions. Love can hurt as well as unrequited love from each other or the other. The pain needs to be a gain within as one in time looks at what in them created the difficult transition, and a transition that can actually be a better freedom. Divorce can be like having ‘chemo therapy’. It may cure the ‘cancer’ or problem, but it may not also. Always know that within you are the best answers for evolving. Turn emotional discomfort into sending love to the other while also opening your heart to lighten the load on yourself.

Love is most often a ‘cocktail’ mix of fears including unresolved anger, insecurities, negative programming both culturally and family, misconceptions, malaise, uncontrollable sexual urges, jealousy, poor communications., etc. Two people bonding each with negative issues like in the aforementioned, and you’ve got ‘supermarket love’ where there is too much ‘junk’, and no focus on healthiness. Marriage and partnering is a spiritual school that you can ignore, or always keep the focus on continually moving in the most positive ways even when the ‘bell’ rings for class dismissed!

The ‘birth of a new love’ is best looked at, and experienced, as a godly opportunity on the spiritual path of love that is more possible today than at any time in known history for most everyone. Guru’s, Masters, Mystics, Saints, Holy men, or whatever you want to call them were an exclusive ‘pinnacle male club’ following yoga and meditating because love between two people was as rare as finding a needle in a hay stack. In fact, there is no credible record of any so called mystic arriving at an ‘inner nirvana’ through anything but yoga or meditation as the love path due to cultural morays was almost not possible – and it takes two people, not one as with yourself alone through meditation. From my experience and observation, now for the first time in history, the love path to a spiritual enlightenment is now an open window.

Always enter any love connection with the awareness of qualities that catapult you and a mate to the highest realms of inner experience, and especially make an ‘ending’ a new opportunity for being the light that rests within you heart and being! Always it’s time to fly higher above the fray!

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