In Love With a Dog!

December 8, 2013
People are strange! Nearly everyone I’ve encountered experience love to some degree. Maybe even it’s with a parent who they have a less than desirable connection with. Maybe it’s watching sports, like football, or maybe it’s doing things for others, or maybe it’s with Jesus or God, or a pet, or your children. In any case, ‘love’ is a word that is bantered about, sounds good, or maybe it makes the heart flutter, or it’s just someone who you love because it fills a need like security or bodily desires. The possibilities seem endless, and upon examination, they are very convoluted, and mixed in with all kinds of doubts, fears, and illusions.

The phrase, ‘in love’ seems to carry more depth, and excludes other objects that you love as not being quite in the same ‘vernacular’. ‘In love with’ another is meant as deeper while breathing the same intimate feelings and thoughts, and resonating with no doubts, or fears of intimacy, communication, etc. on both parts. In other words, you may love your children dearly, and even more differently than your dog or cats but not be ‘in love’ as with a soul mate.

Summer before last, there was a very attractive late 30’s female here at the Yesss Center who was always combing through the ‘find a mate’ social networking sites. Inspite of her attractiveness, and ‘sometimes charm’ she would spend what seemed like normal times hugging and cooing over her wonderful german shepherd. Being one who is always paying attention to others ‘love qualities’, I asked her in a curious, gentle way if she’d ever been in love with someone more than her dog? I didn’t quite expect the, ‘no’ answer! If she were open enough, I was wanting to suggest ways to ‘love herself’ more, and ideas on how that might attract likewise. Prudence, being the better part of judgment, held me back from what few people are interested, strangely in hearing!

Displacement of a deep love for both self, and an intimate relationship with another is so common at this juncture in time, it’s scary to realize how people are turning their opportunity to evolve on one of life’s godly, spiritual paths – the path of love! The number of kinds of ‘displacements’ are infinite from loving a dog more than anyone to ‘in love with shopping’, or being a neat freak, or just commiserating over why what amounts to not enjoying being inside yourself most of 24/7. People generally break down, and refuse to be open and aware to rising up from the false acceptance of who they think they are while ignoring the higher self. Running out to find love when it’s rocky at best within is ‘spinning wheels’ to the eventual grave. Go with the ‘spirit’ and keep your feet on the ground but always focusing on the inner evolvement. Meditation is a way to more love, and then love and meditation can put you on track for the blissfulness of the ‘path of love’. Why Not?!

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