Shopaholics, Sport-aholics, Religion-aholics

Shopaholics, Sport -aholics, Religion -aholics
December 11, 2013
Oy veh! These three are only part of the ‘aholics’ that usually deny they are obsessed with anything that really is a ‘coverup’ for what’s going on inside them that they need to let go of. Anytime you can’t ‘walk away’ for a long period of time from a behavior that no conscious being would suggest as ‘healthy’, it’s time for an ‘extreme makeover’. Are your repetitive, obsessive actions really burying something ‘stewing’ inside your being wanting to be let out and ‘rid of’? It’s a bummer that your wasting one short time on this planet living life attached to someone else’s ‘stuff’.

Are all ‘alholics’ knuckleheads fearful of moving into a more healthy, unattached to way of life, or are they just repressed deniers of their obsessions? One ‘alholic’ ironically accuses another of being one while not looking at the ‘log in their own eye’. It’s time to clear your plate, and start fresh moving up and on into a mentally, emotionally, and spiritually life that can be on a world stage for others to want to emulate. Everyone’s a teacher and a student at the same time, but most choose to be neither and slither in to the ‘zone of an ‘aholics of one or more behaviors.

There are infinite ‘aholics’ from ‘fishing-aholics’, rage-aholics, workaholics, computer game-aholics, drug-aholics, gun-aholics, porno-aholics, ego-holics, negative-aholics – the list goes on and on!

Fear of intimacy is always in back of the abhorrent habits of denial coverups. The intimacy is about knowing your higher self, or for those interested in sharing their ‘sometimes love’ with another, bliss and satisfaction will always elude their life. Love in its deeper sense has no blocks, and makes life a ‘freeway with no traffic’. Call it a ‘love freeway’ which is really the path to real freedoms!

Whether it be a surgeon, dentist, baseball player, race car driver, or anything requiring excellent eyesight it’s the same with ‘love’. The eyesight of love, meaning the clarity of the heart, mind, and being is necessary for love to break the sound barrier, and then the ‘light barrier’. Most occupations don’t require the highest quality of eyesight. Anyway, corrective glasses can compensate often. With love, nearly all forms of ‘aholic’ are barriers that need to be detached from to be free for maximum experience of love on a personal basis.

Love in it’s divine state is not a duality but an inseparable enlightenment of love at its peak that fills the soul as a harmony. That ‘supernatural state of love’, endures with or beyond the separation of they who triggered it. Reaching for the stars is like reaching for the stillness of the blessings of an omnipresent super inner aura of love. I call it ‘lovelightenment’.

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