Quicksand of Love

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Quicksand of Love
April 17, 2013
Is it worse than a fish trying to escape after being hooked? Shallow love, tempestuous love, love – hate – there are many dimensions of love. Can’t find the love that use to be there, or worse yet, many think it’s just an illusion inspired by a ‘biological need’? Indeed, it can be an energy driven by satisfaction of one’s need of a thrill no matter what the cost between the minutes, hours, days, etc. Love can sink into a deepening quicksand that many accept as better than being free. Those who can’t visualize any better freedom in their imagination, might want to just make the best of their creation.

Those in ‘suffering love’ that can imagine a greater freedom, should skillfully seek that freedom with the compassion of common sense and empathy for all who might be affected adversely. Love is about freedom. Sometimes that freedom must manifest as ‘letting go’. There is an element of karma for past unresolved issues that attracts what you attract, and keeps you from letting go. Makes little sense to punish yourself, but maybe it’s all you know.

People are most often unwilling to take the courage, effort, and maybe some sweat to step by step move out of ‘misery loves company’. Both people deserve better, and the best is reachable if you’re willing to sacrifice what you’ve become accustomed to and ‘sunk in’. Your life may be near it’s end, or have many years left to enjoy it the way you know you can given the opportunity. Start out by changing the ‘woe is me’, I’m not worthy, and ‘I just can’t’. People have a bad habit of sizing up a ‘love prospect’ by outer physical, mental, emotional expressions, and a ‘good sales job’ of what the other is like, but can’t hold on to. We are all capable of being who we are when we are at our best, but ‘best’ slips away usually to conditioning and what we were at an every day lower level.

Do what you gotta do to tie a rope around yourself, and pull yourself up inch by inch. It may be your last chance. No one is too old to try a new way to be free, and in love for the rest of your life. Start making new plans, new positioning to who you have ‘quicksand love’ with, as well as others. Always with heart and kindness before it’s too late. No need to be any different except starting to distance yourself from old habits that thrust you in the mire that you’re stuck in. Meditate, breath heavier, go into your heart. Have patience, stay ‘aware’, and go into ‘non reaction’. The limitations will melt away as a new energy arises. Nothing better than freedom and love, or being excited to have it.

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