White Light Agers

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White Light Agers
April 19, 2013
The now white haired ‘youth of yesteryear’ could have the most power to effect change in the world. In all the past, except in isolated instances, the more youthful were counted on to make it a better world.  The ‘light of wisdom’ hopefully comes with age, as time and experience tend to allow and foster people to see deeper into what works or doesn’t. The same ‘idealistic’ visions of youth have often settled in to a dormancy that at this time in history need to be reexamined for workability. A ‘passion’ to individually and collectively be part of ‘giving back’ through purposeful action is needed.

The ‘so called Golden years’ with people living much longer than in the past, are fertile grounds for their positive action that will contribute to a better life for others. Why be a victim of the mindset of ‘life being over’, and now just ‘tread water’ until the inevitable. Life continues best, especially as time goes by, having a passion to live for. That passion can prolong one’s life, as giving back by helping others will enhance both your life and theirs.

This is the greatest time of change ever, particularly in technologies and infinite advantages and benefits in all aspects of life. Sitting back and letting the more youthful struggle with school debts, careers, youthful challenges, marriage and kids, trying to save money for a house that previous generations have been part of driving prices exorbitantly higher, and learning through trial and error leaves little time to help change the world beyond mass demonstrations for causes.

There is a generational conundrum of who has the time, wisdom, and perhaps money to effect positive changes.  At the same time, elders need to be open to the fresh, positive ideas of todays youth. We are into a new, progressive age, that needs to unfasten itself from much of what may or may not have worked in the long past. The 21st century is for opening the mind and evolving as human beings into a more gentle, compassionate, loving self and world.

The ‘new agers’ of yesteryear are now the ‘white light agers’ with experience and discernment to make decisions that have better odds of working. The ‘spirit’ should not age as the body does. Keeping it youthful is to be open to the moment here and now without dragging the unnecessaries of the past that are barriers to a youth in an aging body. Be attached to the spirit of life and love with its infinite fantastic possibilities. Giving back with love to nourish others who may well like to do likewise is to be godly.

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