God Zaps Religion

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God Zaps Religion

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April 15, 2013
‘’Ain’t no Jesus or Moses goin’ to save you – not on my watch!’’ We’ve tried the Jesus, Abraham, Moses, Muhammad misogynistic run for billions of people. It ain’t working so there is a new agenda. You’re on your own with my oversight. Only ‘you’ can climb the stairs to the highest consciousness! No more middle men! Too many have abused my message, if even they’ve heard it. Enough is enough! Arguing over who said what and meant, as you’re hiding behind an image of God that has nothing to do with anything, and while claiming your belief is correct! The whole lot of you on Earth are mainly in Hell, with a few in Purgatory!

You’ve misunderstood this whole ‘heaven-hell’ business! Earth has all three: hell, purgatory, and heaven. Everyone is in eternal hell or purgatory, but with the opportunity to pick yourself up, and climb into the highest place possible for anyone in a human body. Call it heaven if you like, and it continues albeit very different in more dimensions that have no hell or purgatory. You earn your ‘ticket’ here now, and all are equal to rise from there. Some have more challenges than others due to where you left off in past lives. The ‘big picture is equal opportunity.

Earth life is a school, and all life on earth is in that school. No sense explaining that now as you probably already are going into your mental programming files on the religion you cling to. Go to your churches, temples, mosques, or whatever you call them. I’m paying little attention to that which hasn’t worked for people if they clung to messages many, many centuries old that for the most part are not sufficient for today. ‘You’ as the human race have been like a jackrabbit in two ways. The first is having too many people on earth. The second is having the ‘outer’ with technology move ahead in a short time at the speed of light while you as humans have moved like a turtle toward fulfilling the hearts potential as well as the minds clear thinking capacity.

As I think of it, seems you are extinguishing not only each other, but whole species of animals, and all for greedy purposes. I’m pissed off that you make me look like a drunken, retarded, evil god. To top it all off you pray with an agenda, and to a me that doesn’t exist. I am not a he, she, or it! You’re not yet ready to know who or what to communicate with let alone how! Before I say more, let’s get one thing straight, the son of god to save you was just for ancient mankind.

Without the ‘Sun of Godliness’ you are NOTHING! Get that, and there’s a whole lot more to follow. The sun allows you to see, darkness engenders beliefs, fears, confusion and a non communication with source. We are ALL students including the speaker which you are better off referring to as a ‘divine existence of love’. Stop the way you’ve been, and start new … HERE & NOW!

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