Pot – The New Religion?

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Pot – The New Religion?
January 29, 2013
I can see ‘Certified Marijuana Instructors’ as the new breed of Religion Salesman replacing the Pastors, Ministers, Rabbi’s, Priests, Imams, and other well meaning holy conduits for god. They could be referred to as Shaman’s. Shaman’s have been around since Pre Christian, or Paleolithic times, and may well have been the predecessors of all religions of ancient times which still rule the minds of billions today.

Religions today are divided into super groups as in Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, etc., and they in turn are broken into large groups, usually at odds with each other, and then those large groups are broken down into thousands of smaller groups, and then they are further broken down. For example, Christianity is broken down into one of the large groups called Protestants, who refer to all other groups as ‘not Christian’. An example of one Christian medium size group of Protestants are Baptists, which spread to many smaller groups such as ‘Conservative Baptists’. Some of those groups cater to ethnicities, and are further broken down.

After many, many centuries the religions are still at war with each other. Something’s gone wrong! Maybe it’s just ‘religion’ and what it’s based on while sending many mixed messages! Ever hear of classes on love in our schools?

Religions involve an ‘altered state of consciousness’ to the point where some advocate ‘talking in tongues’. Religion is suppose to be about connecting with the spiritual world to put it very generally, and create harmony in the people for this, and the next life. A Shaman is regarded as having access to, and influence in the spirit world with benevolent and malevolent spirits. A Shaman, unlike current ‘religion salesmen’, has an open mind to explore and consider all possibilities of higher consciousness apart from words of people long passed who have little or no records of even having existed.

The ‘New’ shaman has the ability to merge with the god spirit which has no definition but is in the spirit of our lives. Some Shaman are adept at skillfully using natures spirits to assist in the evolvement of consciousness. That ‘skill’ may involve the use psychoactive drugs grown in nature, like cannabis or marijuana. Proper use of such stimulants will appreciably advance the ‘consciousness raising process’ that has been clogged and perverted with good intent since all history of humanity. A Shaman may suggest jump starting consciousness with a variety of imbibing plants that may have been modified but still natural. A true Shaman will also practice, and teach the elements of meditation and love once the process of ‘jump starting’ consciousness has begun. The ‘spiritual world’ is silent, euphoric, and a creator of divine harmony for all humanity. Time to let go of what hasn’t worked, and try new methods on the journey to enlightenment.

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