Family Stinks

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Family Stinks
January 28, 2013
Is not family the foundation stone of all neurosis? Families are most often a ‘love-hate’ relationship. Rare are people who are not wounded for life, and not able to find a way to heal and rise above circumstances. Family is often a prison. In my continuing participation with other earthlings, I’m quite amazed at the high percentage of people I encounter who would love to see better relations in their families. Families seem filled with assortments of differing opinions and actions that more often then not, do not meet the criteria for the values a family should have in their communication and love for each other. In a sense, it is a microcosm of what the world is like.

We have been conditioned that the family is a great contribution to the world. On the surface, family is wonderful, with it’s get togethers, support for each other, and always growing together spiritually. But to overestimate that ‘reality’ is but to find nothing but confusing disappointment. A real authentic, loving family doesn’t try to keep control of each persons life, and closing doors to those who choose to follow a different paths. Rarely does a family engender personal growth over it’s personal prejudices like the religion they have inherited from their parents.  Every family with religion, holds fast to the idea that their’s is the best and only one. Those with little caring about religion though, ironically are also disjointed.

It all starts in the beginning, and yet it’s always time to overcome flaws to a new beginning. Parents rarely maintain the love that brought them together, even if it wasn’t just ‘biological’ with a little ‘angel dust’ thrown in. The state that the ‘parents’ begin the child’s life which tends to set their destiny. On one end, the child gets immeasurable love. On the other end, the child inherits the difficulties parents are having among themselves by neglect of the child’s needs to grow strong, healthy physically and psychologically. I have even witnessed results both positive or negative of either the parents depth of love at conception and during the nine month process or lack of it, even with the choice of the mother in what she eats, smokes, or drinks. Parent (s) inner experiences from pre birth through especially the first few years are critical in determining where a child’s life is heading. Problems are always available for correcting, but mostly they are ‘unchecked’.

Children are very vulnerable, and a tabula rasa with little written on their minds. Giving children love, compassion, common sense, and an openness to be what they want to make of their lives is critical. Families sour as times go by the years because some key ingredients were missing, and never were replaced. Each person needs to come from the highest consciousness and openness, yet realizing that family is not necessarily with the friends that are available to make as an ‘extended family’. Before us, is a line of thousands of bloodline fathers and mothers, grandparents, and on and on. It’s taken us this long to be what we are, and this is the time for a quantum leap in our evolution. It’s up to each one of us. No time has been better for a new humanity!

‘HOW IS WISDOM BORN? It is born out of conflict, it is born by accepting the challenges of life — by getting defeated, by falling down and by rising again.’

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