Damn! There’s God

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Damn! There’s God!
January 31, 2013
Over 80% of Americans believe in God! Some not sure which way to go. Some are, for lack of anything better to say, atheist. Then there are the nincompoops who ‘know’ God doesn’t exist! Are they the same as the 80%? Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall….this year, a year in the past, or future, the same dilemma. Calling out God’s name suffices for the believers. Is everyone ‘god’s children anyway, even though? Is loving God a meal ticket to eternal heaven, and not loving Him, a ‘go directly to jail (Hell)’ card for as long as forever as the God people sip their lemonade straw on a lounge chair soaking up the sun in Nirvana?

What the Hell or Heaven is it all about? Connecting with a higher power as a possibility can be advantageous. When I worked on Wall St., connections with ‘higher powers’ were clearly a heads up to more power. No one need be called a ‘yokul’ on a professional ball field who prays for god to give him power.

Now, to say there is absolute proof of god sending his only son to offer salvation for being a believer in him is to have square marbles for Chinese checker holes that are for round marbles. Of course, just because over 80% of the world says you’re crazy, doesn’t mean you are, but….

Anyone who says there is God without knowing how to define God, is well, to be questioned. First there is a God! Second there is NO God! And, third both are false. People’s experience with love, as the most important personal experience in the world, is at great variance from person to person. What’s popular is for everyone using the word love, and have entirely different meanings than the one who has become love as their very being.

Through love you shall know God. With less than a complete love within yourself, you can ‘believe’ in God even without knowing exactly what that means. People ‘believe’ in anything for a fear that, in the case of the unknown stalking you in the dark, has no probable basis in reality. On the other end, a ‘belief’ in something that may exist, and giving you a cushion of comfort, is at least pseudo real if indeed it does pacify you.

Why not just be open to receive and give with no expectation of return of anything? Life and love want to survive. Life and love is a teacher of itself and beyond. Can anyone really know who you are, especially if you don’t? Take away all words, including God, and there is the answer. An atheist doesn’t believe in God, but do they ‘know’ whether there is a God or not? Like the ‘believer’ in God, they are a non believer which makes them a ‘believer’ who doesn’t know one way or the other. To know ‘God’ is to be free of all descriptions, and be receptive – no believing one way or the other necessary.

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