Change Creates Fear

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Change Creates Fear
August 22, 2012
Take all possibility of fear away, and life would be dull, and at times dangerous! We need fear to assist us in knowing that we must be alert, and mentally prepared for change, be it flight, fight, or to just relax and realize things are alright. All emotions, good and bad are necessary. Anyone ‘non emotional’ with emotions is likely a psychopath, and to be avoided. Being in a state of ‘frightened’ when it’s all in the ‘head’ is an opportunity to center yourself by relaxing the body. The body changes with ones perception of something to be nervous or fearful about, it’s like ‘stage fright’.

Relax and accept the fact that fear is there, and you need not do anything about it. Allow the body to relax letting go of all tension. Watch the body. Fear can’t cling to a relaxed body,  it’s only able to touch it lightly. Fear allowed will attach itself, and become like a cancer. Relaxation is the antidote to fear. Be indifferent. Whatever will be will be. Breath slower and deeper.

Change often creates fear to some degree. The unfamiliar is taking you out of your comfort zone. People are afraid of getting out of their comfort zone instead choosing to being like in a grave with nothing changing. Whether new thoughts or new situations, the common person would rather avoid the experience assuming it to be negative to some degree.

Do you live on an ‘island of your own making’? The same house, same room, same habits, everything the same. The same beer or brand of cigarettes. The same food ignoring healthier choices. It’s having a closed mind to change that could be better than the status quo. Refusing to look at yourself, and issues that have not been let go from the past is a senseless fear. Ignorance and fear tie up a persons life to be like a sheeple or zombie.

It’s time to come ‘out of the closet’ and realize that this time in life is like no other in history. Dragging in the ‘darkness’ of the past is counterproductive to the unbelievable opportunities to personally evolve into ‘the light’ that has always been either impossible or suppressed. Positive change gives you more aliveness and zest. Why be like a stagnant pond. Be like a river heading into the unknown with eyes wide open. Separate ‘practical fears’ from fears that you can downsize and neutralize through relaxing the body and being the watcher.

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