I Am Jesus ( 3 of ?)

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I Am Jesus ( 3 of ? )

photoaugust 24, 2012
It’s a new time, a new place, a new name! No more Jesus coming back as was misconstrued. The Second Coming of Christ is really you waking up, and absorbing the conscious words in the story of Jesus.

Millions, and more, have taken the words of Jesus out of context instead worshipping Jesus as an Icon, even worshipping pictures and statues of Jesus that are made to seduce the imagination while profiting the creator. There is no credible history of this single man. ‘No proof’ does not mean that the accounts put into story form were not, and are not valid points. Collective man has turned the many scribes words written to form the Bible as well as the Quran to suit their fears, ignorance and imagination.

Intelligent humans can see the beauty in the story, but do not worship it as ‘the last word’. Life is like a river, constantly moving. Entrapping words of the past is to create a stagnant pool that is like a death. The ‘intent’ of what was said or written is always better to know than to pick the most radical, conservative interpretation thinking everything said in the Bible or Quran is ‘literal’.

Jesus broke bread and fed those around him. Obviously, he would have run out of bread quickly! A new interpretation to consider is that the scribes meant that the ‘bread’ was Jesus himself with his Christ consciousness. The story, although allegorical, is tremendously beautiful if understood that if all humans take his suggestions and raise into the consciousness of a christ, every one would be ‘saved’ from the hellish experience of not really knowing who they are, and not having the capacity to act from love to others. That creates unnecessary problems.

‘Who are you’ is the question of your life! All are one, and one in Christ consciousness, but for believing otherwise! Humankind has been looking at the reflection of the moon in the pond, missing the real moon. Reflections are not the truth. The truth can only be known by you, never in words. See yourself living from the heart and awareness with sensitivity for all. At its peak, that is Christ consciousness. Within each one is the ‘seed’ of perfection or Christ.

Christ walks invisible among you, but as an ordinary being, looking, dressing, doing things, and expressing him, or herself in a myriad of conscious ways. You are that energy from the broken bread when you rise the love within you. There are no Christians of Mohammedans, only people led astray. Grow up, let go, see who you are, and celebrate life and love.

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