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Smoke ‘n Love


    August 21, 2012
    Smoke ‘n love go together like  a ‘pony and carriage’. The ‘carriage’ is love and the ‘pony’ is lack of love energy. Love is a sensitive phenomenon especially when it is wished to go to it’s depths. Smoking is NOT a habit that stands alone as a habit detrimental to ones well being, and to the uninhibited expression of love to another, including the self. Smoking is the outside expression of inside problems. Love and smoking go together, but not as a complement to the energy needed for its unconditional expression. It is an interference and a clogging of the ‘free flow’ of love.

    Many things, of course, don’t particularly enhance the uninhibited flow of love that are healthy otherwise. Then, there are ‘things’ that inhibit the full expression of love. Those things may be ‘unresolved issues’ that enter into ‘clogging’ full love expressions. Even they may create a defensiveness of denial that they are a factor. They are! Overcoming barriers inside builds inner strength. Unresolved issues doesn’t mean a ‘free ride’ on the ‘love boat’ without hitting the stormy waters. Authentic love doesn’t blow smoke in any way! Thinking otherwise means you’ve clogged the awareness part of the brain with misinformation.

    Smoking cheats yourself, others in your life, and that important ‘other’. The ego thinks it can go beyond the smoke, still smoke, and give all that’s possible. Doesn’t happen, and settling for some semblance of awareness, compassion, and love with flashes of them showing, is just ‘flashing’ to satisfy the ego. Love that just ‘flashes’ here and there is ‘common love’ I refer to as ‘luv’, or ‘street love’. Always be open to shaking loose old memories that tag along everywhere from watching a sunset to bedtime. Misery loves company, and as well, love loves ‘love company’!

    Today is the last day of your past, the first day of the rest of your life, but it’s only this moment that each has! Time to clean house of all habits that clog the brain, and it’s drain to clogging the hearts breath. Awakening in the mind and heart is the greatest revolution you can conceive of because it destroys all fictions, all rituals, all gods, all traditions, all scriptures and all limitations of your past. It leaves you with only the essential consciousness of your own being. Its trust in consciousness is so total that there is no need of anything else. No ‘smoke and mirrors’ necessary, just the aware breath of life.

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