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Female Jesus


January 26, 2012
What seemed like science fiction just a short few years ago is coming into the new reality. The ‘second coming of Jesus’ is not only through a female, but ‘every female on earth’! It’s become quite evident that God’s choice of the ‘male’ as superior to females has been a tragic mistake resulting in infinite deaths, casualties, manipulation, domination, and control of all life including, especially, females. The ‘new female’ is the incarnation, archetype of Jesus in spirit. No longer is worshipping false attachments acceptable, but the spirit of all of our ‘births’ from the mother of earth is to be worshipped with ‘divine intent’.

Walk down many streets in cities of the world at night, and who do you fear? Males. Who does 99% of rapes? Males. Who runs the corporations that are controlling many freedoms? Males. Who runs your country with the mess it’s in? Males. Who writes and controls religions that create fears and guilts, and then has the remedy using ancient ‘boiler plate’ misogynistic solutions? Males. Who kills, rapes, and pillages country after country? Males. Who controls the power in the world? Males. Who has by far the least say in matters of the world? Males. Only recently, in some countries have females begun to break through their fears, and subordinate positions to begin having an impact. That impact is still in the very beginning stages, and minor compared to males, as well as females having to be like males for any impact.

Male worship, money worship, and males controlling politics and religion needs to be balanced in favor of female energy if we are to save the planet, and this wonderful opportunity of an evolving world. Male contribution to the world has been phenomenal  in the past couple of centuries, but offset by harming and killing billions in the name of control over money and females, usually in pursuit of more money. Sex, money and power! Is Jesus, Buddha, or Muhammed the way, or is positivity and consciousness a more fruitful source of inspiration?

All men are from a woman’s love instead of from the male Mars. That sadly has been forgotten, and abandoned in favor of seeking means to accelerate male pleasures. If anything, the situation needs to be moved toward a reversal in roles. Women, as the more nurturing gender, need to be given the role that males have collectively abused while consistently destroying their privilege, and gratefulness for the life given them by female energy.

Females, given the opportunity and with male support, need to imbibe the ‘Christ’ spirit and the ‘second coming’ with the new scriptures written in the heart of awareness. The ‘new woman’ will lead old humanity into the light of a new, evolved being living finally as one. God, in all its interpretations, will be finally smiling!

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