Don’t Love Everybody

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Don’t Love Ever’body

January 24, 2012
Saying ‘I love everybody’ seems to go ‘viral’ in many people’s heads. Really now!? How you going to love anyone, ‘properly’, if you don’t even love yourself with no reservations!? ‘Inept love’ seems to be all around without much concern for replenishing, or filling up the ‘near on empty’ tank of the heart that holds the love. That’s not going to even happen ever if you keep running around too busy, or recycling those condemning thoughts of yourself and others. It’s always time to back off from running on ‘remote’, that ignores filling the inner love of yourself.

Love that gets canceled at the ‘drop of a hat’ is the same love that love’s fast food, or shopping at a ‘cheapest deal in town store’ like Wal Mart. A world that eats hundreds of billions of slaughtered animals each year with glee, just doesn’t add to the awareness of love, and compassion recipe in prime time reality.  Also, consider, millions in war to kill the enemy, and payed for by the masses. Love your enemy?? Someone drifting through life with a ‘whoa is me’ attitude, and ‘why is everyone always picking on me’, is low in the tank of love. Much like, ‘I’m the S to the H, the I to the T – whoa is me. Love in any real sense does not hang out in the mind and heart of the self complainer.

If the past was good, memories will be like a meditation. If the past was dominated by misfortunate memories, that will become a non meditation, or reason why the ‘tank of love’ is coughing for more ‘love juice’. Spreading yourself too thin with either empty love or distractions from ‘serving the inner needs’ is like running a marathon, but with little or no preparation – it’s going to be over a little after the start.

Plant life starts growing after a long, dark winter as soon as the ‘sun of life’ gives more and more light coupled with the qualities of the weathers nourishment. Love is the ‘sun’ that gives light and life. Reduce the amount and quality, and love turns to the negative elements of hate, anger, fear, apathy, and any of the negatives imaginable.

Always remain flowing, never becoming stagnant in the repetition of filling the mind on overload, and ignoring the empty heart. Life is a process, and the moment that process ignores the vulnerable, positive feelings, you become ‘dead like’ and a robot. Life is like a river, always moving, and that includes love. When you become obsessed with the outer or self destructive thoughts, you are stuck. Then a boulder has come in the way, and the journey of rising in love’s energy becomes a stagnant pool becoming a misery behind the locked doors in a room with no windows. Volunteer to be a beacon of light for yourself first, then the love for others will become genuine. Love of self automatically dispenses shades of love to all in proportion to the receptivity. No need for saying it, the heart will do that.

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