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January 22, 2012
All the mystics seem to ask the question, ‘Who Am I?’ Seems it’s gone ‘viral’ in the spiritual world with near everyone wondering, ‘what the hell does that mean’? Further thinking in unison is, ‘I know who I am’, disregarding evidence to the contrary! HOWEVER, that’s not the most important question as much as that would be the so called, ‘right answer’. In my view, the question that is overlooked by the most ignorant to the ‘not willing’ bright people to admit anything less than who they think they are is, ‘Why am I so stupid’!! It’s worth repeating, ‘Why am I so stupid?’ No, not just me for saying the obvious, but pertaining to YOU!

Also, gone viral in the last few years, when before the word was rarely used is, ‘I’m enlightened or he’s enlightened’. Pure ego! I have one friend who was born with a ‘silver spoon in his mouth’ living in NYC. His grand dad was the largest owner of property in Manhattan. In addition, he was seemingly born with the rare talent of near ‘total recall’. His personal life no one would want to emulate but because of background, and that one talent, his thoughts are regarded as far higher than almost anyone. He knows how to say profound things but doesn’t ‘walk any of the talk’. Often, this is a dangerous type who has been at the helm of powers to manipulate over people’s minds for millenniums. On living a loving, harmonious life, he’s more stupid than most, but would never acknowledge that!

Living a loving, harmonious life is a plateau that is available to most anyone rich, poor, or with infinite types of disadvantages. Having the best of your own love of yourself is a stepping stone to having that quality to give to others. Realizing that you’re always dumber than the next guy in some ways is to activate more love through ‘humbleness’. It gives an appreciation for the others qualities inspite of their limitations. Today, millions who have access to a computer can ask any question, and get a better answer than yesterday’s most intelligent human could ever answer. If you can’t read, you can still access the wonder of qualities within yourself that ignites the love within.

‘Smart’ is a nice, and often useful tool to have, but is no better than second to a positive open heart with the discerning ability to make the best of everyday gifts and challenges. Seeing, and acknowledging one’s limits to yourself and others is a step above the ‘smart ego’ that hides being ‘stupid in plain site’. Acknowledge being stupid while having an open heart, and a thirst for seeing beyond your base of being stupid! An infant knows little, but transcends all thoughts of being smart or stupid when you meet them with love.

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