Meditation & Greed

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Meditation & Greed

photoApril 2, 2011

Greed kills all forms of sensitivity. Greed shuts the door of the heart to feel love, or even to meditate to clear the mind, and heart for love to arise. Of course, greed is only one aspect of the being that’s a killer of bliss, love and a meditative state. Fear, anger, self doubt, worry, ignorance of who you are, stress, and many manifestations that we as humans bring forth. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins that bypasses the heart for satisfaction of lower needs and needs of the ego. At best, greed creates a shallow, artificial, changeable, ‘pretend for gain sense’ of truth, compassion and love.

Life wants the lights of tranquility to always be on, not the ‘red’ light that gives but dark shadows devoid of the light to see the more beautiful and sensitive in life. Meditation is not a technique to satisfy wants and perceived needs. Meditation like love is done for its own sake, not to get something. Meditation is done from the heart of love. You meditate for the sheer joy of it with no expectations. Meditation takes you out of the minds incessant need to cause dissonance. Meditate, and meditation happens, or it doesn’t, drop all expectations. In a sense, they are greed.

Achieving is of the mind, not something to use meditation for. Wanting love is not the way to have love as is the same with a state of meditation. A state of meditation is like a field prepared in the Spring for planting crops. There is preparation to make the soil prepared for seeds to grow. The mind has to be free of things that create disturbances. Meditating may be used as a method to sift through, and let go of that which obstructs it from blossoming. Be aware of the incessant habit to have to put words to everything. When you see the sunset, you see, and feel it oblivious to the need for words.

Meditation is not a technique that can be sold or bought in the marketplace. It is a growth into consciousness of your everyday life. As greed can become an invisible part of your very being, likewise a meditative, loving persona slowly emerges into a you of love and awareness. Meditation is never about profit and the pursuit of it, in fact it’s likely that the pursuit of monetary/material riches becomes a very detached meaning of focus. The lasting, eternal riches are inside, and not ever ‘out there’. The ‘real war’ is when the mind wants to cling to ‘the chase’, as the silent voice within, when not battled with the relentless mind, can eventually win so that the battle disintegrates into a bliss and joy that everything is here and now. Seek outside riches without attachment, and those inside – the attachment happens naturally.


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