Bubala Flash Spikers

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Bubala Flash Spikers

March 31, 2011
Many people require others to ‘tippy toe’ around their fantasies, beliefs, or ‘issues’.

From childhood, I enjoyed playing jokes, or saying things to get spike reactions from others. Still do, to people who are emotionally stuck like ‘children’, who are known to display crying to laughter at the silliest things like ‘boo’. I call people who can easily be provoked by a word or a few, ‘bubala’s which is a Yiddish somewhat endearing expression that elders use for children. People are, sadly by choice, programmed for immature ‘reactive control’.

Religion, or political talk, sends most into a ‘flash spike’ of defensiveness as if they were touching an electric fence. Looking through a ‘telescope’ only gives you a limited view of the surroundings. It can be called ‘myopic’, or limited view without regard for either the truth, or the whole picture. Usually it stems from a childhood that caused pains, and unresolved issues which still create a ‘misinterpretation’, or over reaction to certain stimuli including ‘words’.

I recall a beautiful friend with 3 little children, and going through a divorce. I introduced her to a friend of mine who was very free with his expressive language, and occasional four letter words, of which she was petrified to use any of, or hear them! After a few weeks both he, and I loosened her up to feel more comfortable saying or hearing them. She later admitted that her soon to be ex was quite burdened by her reactiveness to words, and that likely they represented issues that she had to work through.

Most people have an ‘electric guard fence’ around certain thoughts, or language requiring ‘tippy toeing’ around them for continuing friendship. I recall not long ago at my free speech display in Venice Beach where I had a one word title on a board that had the ability to ‘spike a flash emotion’, but the 300 words after it were very gentle and non spiking. Within a 10 minute period, over a hundred people had gathered around to watch a woman ‘go off’ on me demanding I erase it while disregarding my suggestion to read the wonderful 300 words. Out of the crowd, another ‘flash spiker’ unrelated to her came charging at me. Through ‘skillful means’ he was left feeling embarrassed. ‘Skillful means’ of communicating are required around sensitive people with a variety of issues. For the overly reactive, one of two things. One, manage your emotions, and two, work at letting go, and developing a sense of humor. Meditation will help.


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