Bible & Qur’an Merger

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Bible & Qur’an Merger


April 3, 2011
Wall St. is the ‘King of Mergers of Corporations’ into ‘Mega Corporations’. No one has stepped up yet to do the legalities of the merger of these two giant, repressive, and opposed to each other, religions! ‘I’m better than you’ is all I hear! Rubbish! Billions of people are brainwashed into these two ‘death cults’ who worship some heaven hereafter while minimizing the joys and bliss that are here now at this moment. No where in these two ancient ‘babble histories’ does it say ‘live in the moment, here and now’! No where does it say to be positive. No where do they say love yourself for the enemy is within! No where are to be found so many things said that thousands of loving people have written from experience, and great contemporary insights.  What the hell! Why not start with some positive experience without any book or religious salesman pumping you up?

WHAT IS GOING ON? ‘Nothing’ is the best answer I can come up with. I don’t give a damn if you’ve met  Jesus personally, or Muhammed personally! I’ve met much better! Yes, that’s right! I’ve met, all be it very few, loving, aware, giving people with the wisdom that faaaaaaaaaaaar surpasses these ‘archetypes’ who are just that – archetypes, which is fine IF they are seen that way! Although, on second thought, Muhammed did some pretty nasty things!

So, start to ween yourself off all ‘holy book’ stuff even if it takes five or six years. Go to the bookstores and find inspirational books from experience and wisdom. Verify that the author is not just an intellectual, total recall, babbler who can assimilate vast knowledge, and spit it out as ‘truth’. Intellectuals are as dangerous as the ignorant, and sometimes more! They can be as adept at conning as has been done in all religions. Speaking truths where they cross over into lies without a blink of the eye to fool the believer is the ‘modus operandi’. Investigate the writer, and see that they come from their heart and ‘walking their talk’!

Merge the two holy books into one, then put it into the waste can!

The Quran (Koran) and the bible are ‘knockoffs’ of Judaism and its writings from the old testament, torah, talmud. All well intended……AT THE TIME! One has to pick through the ‘ruins’ to figure what to keep. Balderdash!! Seek in the ‘current’, and experience for best answers. By the way, the jewish works are ‘knockoffs’ from Indian lore and primitive paganism. Be YOU, HERE AND NOW, IN YOUR HEART WHILE PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT’S GOING ON with a willingness to grow into better and better ways! Take it on now and conquer tomorrow!
Arhata {RUN}

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