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Spirituality Unplugged


March 23, 2011
Is ‘spiritual’ the seventh sense? We are regarded as having five senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. The ‘sixth sense’ is the extra sense that is intuition or psychic sense. Mystics and the highly spiritually minded have identified ‘spirituality’ as the ‘seventh sense’. In my view it’s the sense of evolving humans or the ‘superhuman’. All six senses fit into the seventh sense of spirituality. We all are spiritual beings, but at this time few are aware of it, and operate in the higher dimensions of a wholistic sensitivity to all phenomenon.

Just what is it to be ‘spiritual’, or what is it that separates those living more unconsciously from those living in high consciousness? While each has it’s value, living mainly to survive, acquire possessions and activities, to have children might just well be living in a state of denial, entitlement, fear, ignorance, needless suffering, etc. The ‘spiritual’ recognize that they are a spirit living in a temple called the body to experience an evolving life of love and self awareness. To be spiritual is a commitment to endlessly seek the higher inner values of life while being in the ‘here and now’.

The spiritual moves into a journey of ‘knowing’, beyond believing that which is assumed. The five senses are limited within this world. The ‘seventh sense’ is a sense that has unlimited potential for seeing and experiencing what’s beyond the many veils of illusion to see and know far more valuable things for personal growth as well as an inspiration to share that with the willing anywhere. The ‘spiritual sense’ is always open to the positive in all aspects of inner being as well as the outer, and its benefits to others. There are no limits of compassion and love that will be put into consistent action.

The spiritual is always looking to turn everything into something more positive while adding to future wisdom. We are spiritual beings who are at different levels of seeing through everything that we incur. To know and love the inner self and remove that as a barrier to seeing and feeling all that is otherwise blocked is spiritual. This is followed by a resonance of reflecting that, in another and others, in the most aware and open means possible. We live in a world community of interdependence on each other for a more conscious, spiritual world. The ‘spiritual’ is open to moving beyond all words of mankind – unplugged and rising higher and higher as well as deeper and deeper into the mysteries of love and life. Call upon the depths of your being.

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