Lost in Supermarket

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Lost in Supermarket


March 22, 2011
Walking around in a supermarket pushing a shopping cart, not being able to make up your mind for what you want is like most people ‘in life’. Worse yet, is not recognizing the highest quality of food even if you knew. Most look for outer quality and packaging. Nothing could be more misleading concerning ‘healthy quality’. If you don’t know what you’re looking for and who you are, is synonymous with going to a supermarket, rolling the empty cart through the aisles disoriented. Worse yet would be an American pushing the cart down aisles in a Chinese supermarket!

Life gives back what you look for in yourself in all aspects. If you live in positive consistency, life reflects that back.  On the other hand, in relationships, those who look for love from another, rarely get what their instincts want to find. Two people’ not knowing who they are beneath their outer veneer, are entering a ‘dark, hopeless tunnel of love’ that feels good until they lose each other in the darkness of not knowing either themselves or the other, (who also doesn’t know themselves).

Today there are ‘mega supermarkets’ where if two people going in together don’t have a cell phone connection,  they will find themselves lost from each other. So it is in this active life, where if you don’t tune in to feeling a consistent love with yourself, it’s impossible to find it in another even if you are eyeball to eyeball. Take time to softly look into a strangers eyes and you will likely see a shallow, mood changing, self critical person incapable of opening their heart with no expectation in return.

Going into a supermarket, it’s easy to find 100’s of attractive things, particularly on an empty stomach. The ‘non discerning’ have many opportunities, but usually of low quality, resulting ‘soon to be’ unhappiness and dissatisfaction. People find a partner that reflects where they are inside themselves, and if by chance you find someone who you don’t measure up to in communication, compassion and general awareness, unless you are growing and communicative of that, it’s back to the ‘lost dark tunnel’ where love finds itself lost. The light at the end of that dark tunnel is likely another train wreck coming. Become totally aware of who you are consistently, and then only accept that same, hopefully, high level of quality in all aspects of love and life. Keep a balance, focus on loving yourself, and being aware of how you’re ‘showing up’.


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