Pot & Spirituality

Pot & Christianity


March 24, 2011
Do we need Christian ‘energizing bunnies’ high on hallucinogenics more than they already are? Most christians have a drink now and then, doesn’t make them any less a Christian unless they abuse it. Seems to me that it’s not a good example for any Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc., to dally in ‘take you out of your mind by artificial means’ stimulants. However, I totally support the right of everyone to responsibly try any drug out of curiosity, but hopefully not as a substitute for clear thinking, loneliness, emotional pain, fears and just laziness to use it as a replacement for natural methods.

The only natural stimulant requiring ‘no thinking’, reading, or talking is ‘breathing’, or using various ‘breath techniques’ to lighten the ‘babbling mind’, and center the self for more healthy living. All outside methods, including ‘marijuana smoking’, are like going to the top of a mountain by helicopter. The journey is the key, life changing, enhancing route, and no stimulant removed from natural breathing is destined to not lose the charge on its batteries. Sex, an example of changing the breathing, is also a means of a natural way of clearing the mind, relaxing, and with deep usage, opens up a deeper love of self, your partner and all of life.

Meditation techniques including yoga, came about in ancient, sexually repressed India, because certain males in higher consciousness needed methods to achieve greater awareness and self love. Like today, sex was rarely available for that use, and deeply misunderstood while mainly used for reproduction purposes.

Pot smokers, or those who frequently resort to use, kill love without really knowing what they are doing. Pot becomes a ‘mask’ to hide behind, and withdraw from the natural feelings that await a clear, unaltered mind. Any belief in an outside source, other than from within to open the heart and being, is merely a diluted substitute for natural breathing. It’s far more preferable to attitudinize yourself and others to focus on natural breathing means.

At the moment, the legalization of this plant that produces pot is, after nearly a half century of ‘debates’, reaching a point of becoming, in certain ‘pockets’, legalized both medically and for popular use. Since anyone can grow it, and it’s not going away, it should be legalized, however with heavy regulation for the safety from easy abuse. For most in any religion, minimal ‘curiosity use might’ well just motivate them to have a more open mind and heart. Choose a more open heart and mind. Let’s not ‘criminalize quick-high stimulants’ but educate the users, and use carefully imposed, sensitive regulations that promote maximum health. Natural consciousness is the new religion.

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