Positivity is Free

Positivity is FREE


March 18, 2011
Where ever you are, there will be moments where you will need to call on a reserve  positive attitude to deal with negative challenges. No one is isolated from infrequent to frequent invasions of some kind of negativity. That negativity may be from an experience, self doubt, anxiety, worry, depression, fears, the possibilities are as endless as the same positive antidotes and converters of minus to plus. It’s all a choice that you choose, or not to make.

No holy book or how to book in the world will pull you up at anytime a cloud rolls in on you. You need only one word, and the scriptures surrounding that one word. That one word is positivity. Say yes without ignoring the negative, and common sense before you. Affirming the positive is prayer. It might come in the form of belief, faith, or just plain hope for the best as soon as possible. The power is in each one of us to pull in the highest choice in all situations, it just takes the action, and a click into focused perseverance to unlock the positivity.

Always be letting go of that which haunts you night and day. That ‘troubling’ either can be fixed by choosing the most positive option available, or if in the past, fixing it by forgiving yourself for clinging on to a memory that deserves to be let go of, and replaced by the opportunities that come as a result. You need not force a positive change, but relax, wait, and feel the energy transforming from negative to positive. Remember, whether positive or negative, it’s all energy. Even suffering is an energy with a doorway to be unlocked into healing and the positive. Trust the positive with an open heart and mind. The technique will surprise you in shifting energy to an upward experience.

Let ‘no’ and the negative disappear from your being. Say ‘yes’ to everything, transforming all that creates dissonance into the affirming light. Negativity is a boundary that closes in on you. When you say yes or affirm the positive, things open up around you. Simply relax and float, taking the high road of consciousness with no constraints of blockages of the negative. The positive is free for your choice to be free of all solutions and benefitting answers.

Hafiz, the mystical Persian poet of the 14th century wrote, ‘’What is the key
To untie the knot of the mind’s suffering?
Benevolent thought, sound
And movement.’’

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