Faith, Hope, & Love

Faith, Hope, & Beliefs

St. Patricks Day


March 17, 2011
As a casino owner, I would have faith, hope, and belief that everyone who walks into my establishment are the ‘schmucks‘ to get sheared like sheep for benefit of the house! Oh ye of little faith have ‘hope’ that the heavens will rain ‘green’ upon you! Don’t believe there’s a sucker born every moment and you’re not one? May you give charity back to the ‘father at the casino’ hidden from all but always looking to dispense love of money to the weary and down trodden who come to prey on the ATM of ‘faith, hope, and beliefs.

Met a sweetheart the other day who in passing mentioned that she know’s Jesus walked the earth in the flesh because he came to her in some real vision. Sigh… what can be said to those wired up for whatever reason to believe, have faith, hope, and not have the courage, and common sense to traverse that spiritual path alone, hidden within plain reach inside themselves where the scriptures are written in the heart. The saying, ‘whatever floats your boat’ is applicable particularly for those who insist that their ‘beliefs and faith from the heart’ are real?

We are entering into an age of ‘truth and transparency’ in all areas, often washing away old beliefs. We must have access to beliefs, faith and hope, but also have the discernment to know that they are just that – unprovable until we know beyond a shadow of a doubt. There is nothing more clear than ‘knowing’, to lay to rest the necessity of those three ‘expectations’. Sometimes, there is no possibility of ‘knowing’ without a journey with the faith, belief, and hope of finding true answers that eliminate the need for what amounts to ‘conjecture’. Faith, hope, and belief are steps to ‘truth’, and no longer necessary when truth is found.

To be spiritual is to open the heart and mind for you to ‘pull back the veils’ of life’s mysteries to find better and clearer true answers to questions that linger.  All information from others, can be considered, but each must discover truth for themselves. Half truths may suffice to placate the mind of the more insecure and fearful. The courageous will  always move toward inner self fulfillment and uninhibited love of the self, paving the way for the ability to see more and more of life’s mysteries. The god you seek is hidden in plain site within. Why gamble when the real sought answers are here and now by stepping into uncharted territory. These three words of faith, hope, and belief may sound beautiful, but the glow of ‘truth’ is beyond all gambles.

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