Jews Know … but, eh?!

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Jews Know … but, eh?!


March 19, 2011
Love Jews. Love Muslims. Love all. The Jews are the most open, and advanced group of people on earth. I’m not a Jew, nor do I aspire (?) to be one, or any other religion, race, ideology, etc. My experience with people of Jewish origin has been from primarily  spending 35 years between New york City and Los Angeles. Some of my conclusions are that the worst of the Jews (which is a minor percentage) are among the worst people I’ve met. By far most Jews I’ve had close connections with, are exceptionally warm and giving in addition to being more open and brighter than all other mass collections or groups.

That being said, the average, open Jew is easily intelligent enough to ‘fess up’ to their real perception of religions, especially concerning their ‘offshoots of Christianity and Islam, being of focus here. It’s human nature to be somewhat quietly honored by one of your kind rising to heights of ‘notableness’. Of the hundreds of open minded Jews, I’ve met, all seem ‘respectful’ of millions of Christians elevating one of their own to the status of the ‘only begotten sun of god’. Now, honestly, very few Jews give any credence to that honor, but yet accepting the ‘so called honor’ perhaps with a wink of the eye.

Jews more or less, ‘feel what’s the harm’? It’s likely to benefit them more than harm them. However, most Jews from my perception are pretty disgruntled over what the ‘rogue child’ of Islam has grown to be. Truth be told, they raise their eyes over both of them, instead loving ‘Chinese food’ and ‘Katz Deli’ with it’s knockoffs. Only the more naive, gullible jews really see Jesus as real or a real messiah, but they say, ‘whatever floats their boat’ – yi-yi!

Jews are more hard wired to being open in all ways to a more open loving life with no attachment to ancient religions which have been surpassed by current guides of human development and conduct. It’s a more evolving humanity that seeks the answers of life, be it material, or spiritual from a combination of their own experiences, and the wisdom of those who have searched and found best answers from existence. Best answers are in each one of us with clear, positive minds and hearts. It’s now time in this age to lay down the swords, and open the heart of wisdom.


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