Maintaining Harmony

Maintaining Harmony  🙏  

 April 26, 2020

Most of us are of sound mind, yet many have trouble maintaining notes of harmony and peace within. Most of us know how to think, but few are able to control thoughts. We all have the capacity to be creative, to imagine new ideas, but few of us are able to do it alone, or together and co-create in harmony with each other. We could all do with some mental training so that we may use the most powerful energy in the universe, the mind, which is always at our instant disposal. 

We can begin with mindfulness. It’s a simple way to gently help our mind go where it is best to go, do what is the best thing to do. It begins by simply being fully aware of what you are doing. Mostly we are not fully aware, as our minds wander into the past and then into possible futures. We spend most of our time watching others and so rarely fully focus on what we are actually doing ourselves.

Next time you sit down to a meal, watch your self. Be aware of only what you are eating. Every time your mind wants to wander, bring it gently and lovingly back to the action and sensation  of eating. Then do the same when cleaning, when writing, when working.  The more you do it stronger, more focused, and more rational, it will be your concentration, thus the more natural will be your actions, the more peaceful you will feel, and the more relaxed you will be, no matter what you are doing. 

All things have their time. All things have their answers. All things have their right to be. Accepting this reality, all things come into harmony. Everything happens for a reason; the hard part is finding the reason. Everything, everywhere from outer space to our ‘inner space’ in the. mind, heart, love, etc., work best if in the maximum harmony. Life on earth with the sun, moon, tides, seasons, night and day is in a harmony to show you that it works. Any doubts about that? ‘Trust doubts’ but look deeper all around you and you’ll find everything works for you and everyone in harmonious position. Use the mind as a servant and the heart, awareness and discernment in harmony to lead you into a life that gives the best results. The ‘mea culpa’ or blessings of life are significantly in your control then. Survive with love of self, and see that you are the Master of yourself.Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again. So live life to the fullest today, and have no regrets.


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