Fake IQ

Fake IQ 
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 May 11, 2020

High IQ’s are revered by Academia and the ‘educated jobs’. High IQ’s don’t exist, but high ‘intellect quotients’ do, and those who have been blessed with one need understand that they were for the most part born with and genetically inherited. The ‘establishment’ for purposes of money have called IQ’s from early on from the ‘standardized American IQ test’ the ‘wrong word’. They are NOT ‘INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENTS’ BUT ‘INTELLECT Quotients’.

Intelligence is a conglomeration of many aspects of abilities including intellect, emotional, spiritual, intuitive, practical or common sense, humbleness – general wisdom. A farmer who can’t read may be very intelligent. Programming a society of millions that ‘high intellect’ is a superior state is to harm both those with one who get into an unconscious ‘entitlement’ about it, and those who feel inferior because they lack it. It has been a crippling intellectual fake hijacking of harmony and truth. It’s like the very good looking person who has been praised for that since an infant and becomes ‘entitled’ with a sense of superiority. At some point they are going to come crashing down with the illusion of outward beauty as  they have lived on the laurels of it (same with intellect). High intellect  and with humbleness about it is good.

I have a friend for 30 years who among many things is a veteran Hollywood Producer who has an intellect off the charts, especially in terms of what he’s done. Over the years, and he now kind of gets it, I explained that he came from highly touted parents with an incredible lifestyle which allowed him experiences only one in millions have.  In addition, he has a photographic memory (eidetic). I mentioned to him, as I have others with a photographic memory, that as great as that is, take it away and the intellect becomes very ordinary. Ironically, one of his first movies was, ‘Total Recall’. As with nearly all with high intellect (egg headedness), if you make a circle and could put all available knowledge in it, no one would have more than a sliver of that. Makes everyone mostly dumb! The good and bad news is scientists at google are going to have a chip with all information on their social network and insert into the brain. That will result in people not learning all the facets of intelligence as they will become consumed with knowledge (which is fine but not ‘knowing’, and a probable abutment to developing general intelligence).

Wisdom is knowing you know less and less of what can be known, and maybe seeing that deep love really is the greatest gift to have and to give. Intellect often gets in the way of intelligence and it’s flowering available to all.  No matter how educated, talented, rich, or cool you are, how you treat yourself and others tells all. Society has become so fake that the truth actually bothers people. Know how to use humor to give it and receive it. Someday soon many will get that ‘google chip’ and millions will have a extraordinary intellect! Enjoy life and have fun!


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