Criminal of Love

Criminal of Love
April 30, 2015
Short changing others is greedy, selfish, and not taking responsibility for being a ‘slob of love’! It can be started with yourself and how you give less than you deserve to your own needs. Crimes come in all kinds. One of the worst, but elusive, is the crime by omission. It’s not stealing material objects, including money, but that which is invisible! The ‘invisible’ is the ‘root’ of life. Air is invisible. Thoughts, whatever they might be are invisible. The most important quality of life is invisible. Love.
Omissions are invisible. Somethings cannot be seen but felt. Using uncalled for judgments which are not often true is stealing another’s positive space. Humanity at this point in time is collectively a ‘thief of compassion, thoughtfulness, empathy and all loving qualities. Is not a thief a criminal? Two people who have committed to each other but hold back love and compassion to the one they love are thieves of love as well as a thief of the commitment made in love to each other. Promises made to someone you purport to love and not fulfilling them is a kind of apostasy or failure to keep the vows.
Failure to keep vows that the other wants and trusted you to fulfill them is to be a recidivist. A recidivist is one who  relapses into a previous behavior or condition habitually with no active, observable action to change the pattern day after day. In other words, ‘a criminal of love’. Why tattoo the soul with behavior that is less than you gave your soul agreement to? 
Communication and mutual agreements are fuel for love for couples. With people who you are  friends with, to one degree or another, always be using ‘skillful means’ of communication that engenders the same reciprocity. When I was in corporate sales in NYC, and as anywhere in sales, the client/customer is always right. The adversarial position is not conducive to anyone receiving what they want and closes more doors by far than open. Dialoging or tuning in to the other is to keep the grounds of future rapport open. Lack of empathy for where the other is coming from to often triggers reactions rather than responses that keeps the communication on the ‘rail. 
Apathy or abuse of the qualities of love giving and receiving is in the inner world, love criminal to the opportunities everyone has to assert their most aware and heartfelt interactions. The ‘abuse’ of yourself is to hang on to the past traumas and negativities, and not elect to make it your major focus to rise into your highest consciousness and openness of your heart. 


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