Initiator Angel

Initiator Angel
 May 1, 2015
Why can’t everyone be an angel all the time instead of ‘fallen angels’?’Fallen angels are created spiritual beings who rebelled against God.  Angels are used by God as messengers, warriors, and servants.’ Everyone has the ‘angel’ inside them, but due to ‘self generated’ distractions for whatever reason, the angel is only visible in the light of heart and mind. The angel initiates the positive that uplifts the world around. The gift of benevolence is rewarded by the receiver of the heart back to the giver. ‘You’re an angel’ is a heartfelt appreciation of the receiver of good news and assistance. 
A person who instigates or provokes (like I do), but instead does it as personal judgments is playing a ‘fallen angel’. People are ‘set’ from an early age (before 4 or 5) with whatever they have experienced usually beginning with parenting. All can be ‘unset’, and there is no better time in history than right now! I’m as close to a professional provoker as I can imagine, but I do my best to know who I’m provoking to think, and that may be to elicit laughter from both of us. A negative initiator consciously or unconsciously provokes because something inside them is ‘unhappy’, maybe an unresolved, lingering hurt or anger. 
The internet creates a new type of initiator, instigator who feels insecure about doing it  person to person, but behind pixels on a screen, feels empowered. It’s kinda like the driver who leans on their horn for uncalled for reasons in a road rage. Bravery is often insecurity, and just bad manners. It’s ok to react back in a responsive way from the heart if that is possible, or always ignoring is a good option. Never intend harm, for that’s up to the initiator as to how they will receive the  possible ‘mirroring’ of their unprovoked behavior.
If you pay attention to when, how and who you initiate negative judgment to, you’ve made a step to correct it. Loving yourself deeply will eliminate any semblance of initiating negative personal attitudes.
Today there was a 73 year old ex marine who saw a 300 pound black bear ready to pounce on his little dog. When yelling didn’t work, he tore out to the bear and (according to him) punched the bear in the face causing him to scamper off. Now there are times when jumping on being the initiator could be troublesome when more skillful means would be safer. This guy was lucky he didn’t get mauled!
Giving begets more giving and the aura of love and its blessings. That’s where the angels roam and bliss and joy reside. Find that place and initiate angel dust!

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