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Support War

June 16, 2013
The average American supports war. We fight war in large part for oil. The average American uses their ‘gas guzzling’ vehicle far more than necessary avoiding alternative forms of transportation that are not using fuel the same way to ‘fuel our thirst for oil/gas’. I live in an ideal mountain view, on the water, artsy, upscale community of under 10,000 people where public transportation is provided and ignored. 98% unconsciously support our wars without looking at what they are doing. Kinda like a bomber plane where the pilot doesn’t see the damage he causes in lost and injured lives he has caused.

The ignorance, apathy, comfort habits, and lack of discernment for the best ways not to support ‘negativity’ are seriously lacking. The masses can be controlled easily by the few at the top, particularly if money is to be made. It’s easy for those in control to hire people from the masses to do what they want to gain more control. Those ‘paid for services’ both in the interest of the population, but at the same time abridging their freedoms is standard operating procedure. The masses support wars without really taking stock of how they are. ‘Support our Troops’ in a method to rally the populace while not saying ‘support our war and killing’. Of course, everyone supports our troops to come home as fast as possible, and to not have to risk their lives as well as thousands of others who have no choice but to accept the same ‘dogma’.

Feeding the military machine is endless, and easily justified by telling the populace that it’s to protect our freedoms, which has some truth while at the same time being contrary to common sense when money is needed in so many other areas to improve our collective experience and evolvement as human beings.

Politicians are our servants, and not the other way around as seems to be the case. They are not elected to fatten their investment portfolios. Perhaps length of terms need to be reduced as well as a limit on number of terms down to ‘one’. Millions of young serve and sacrifice their lives without really knowing the real reason why. Politicians know why they are serving to make life better for everyone. The purpose is ‘clear’. A politician should be agreeable to sacrificing their career for standing for the truth, and not party politics or personal financial gain.

In this ever increasing age of using and fooling the citizens into use as guinea pigs to fatten corporate bottom lines, it’s critical that everyone do their part as an informed, aware, and discerning citizenry. America has an obese problem because of food selection. The same ‘gluttony’, with little discernment, is toward oil that fattens those who engage in wars, and not for a world of peace. Focus on all that is more considerate of others in the ‘big picture’ rather than ‘self gluttony’ that perpetuates the misuse of power. Power must come from the people, and not their servants who are called politicians, but in reality are ‘robber barons’ who use those who they serve as servants.

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