Money Kills Love

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Money Kills Love

June 23, 2013
… But, not as much as the denial that money kills love, or the refusal to see how it does. Money is a possession. ‘Possessions attached to’ clog the arteries of inner freedoms. The suicide of the heart is a slow process accelerated by the thirst and chase of money for reasons to satisfy the need for more possessions. Love becomes a word, and a flicker of the mind once in a blue moon. Money creates a ‘false love’ not only of yourself but from those in attendance of your life who otherwise would become ghosts feigning a  friendship that really never was.

Often it’s said that money is the major problem in a marriage. Truth is, rarely is that the case but instead is really a lack of love between two people. Money problems are merely a symptom of a failure to communicate, and much of that is from the heart. When there is inner balance as well as a centered balance between the two people, money is rarely the problem. Money kills love that’s weak. Nothing wrong with the pursuit of money, but rarely does it not take precedence over personal love.

Money is a seducer! Rich or poor, ‘money to have more of’ has become part of millions DNA over the importance of personal qualities that make up the spiritual evolution of humans. Money as a ‘practical need’, or the want for more with little or no attachment is on the spectrum of a healthier consciousness. Money exacerbates self aggrandizement, greed, and self indulgence while also creating ‘hoarding’ from the giving to others for their needs, or as a social benefit to make it a better world.

Money and power are the world controllers that continue to spread their dark dominance over this fast moving technological world. A fractional minority who control most of the wars and suffering in the world are both gaining and losing their satanic like grip on billions of lives but for the billions who live on the bottom feeding grounds of the irrelevant. The ‘irrelevant’ live life ‘sleep walking’ while moving ahead then back without being relevant for the search of the inner qualities inherent within themselves, or participation in making civilization an opportunity for them to be a part of the solution for global conscious evolvement. Your being irrelevant makes you ‘relevant’ for those who control with unabated greed and lust.

In the bible it infers that it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. I add that the so called ‘kingdom of heaven’ is within your heart. Further it says that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of god. To me that means the pursuit of riches leaves the ‘spiritual’ and love shallow. As my success grew in working on Wall St., I can say from experience as well as observation of others, that to be true. The riches are within. Being attached to seeking from ‘without’ eventually depletes love. Laugh, love, give to others, and stay unattached to money, investments, and material wants.

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