Shiftless & Blind

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Shiftless & Blind
December 22, 2012
All but a small percentage of what’s called the human race can see the hidden secrets within! Most live in ‘shallow dorms’ seeing the world primarily from the outside, and not good at ‘shifting’ to the inside of seeing who they really are, and what on the outside is merely an illusion, and not them. Those who can see the inner beauty of themselves fit into the realm of ‘mystics’, if indeed only on the edge of ‘divine wisdom’. All people have their moments of seeing the ‘light’, but most quickly, then put on defensive, protective blinders so as not to disturb their willful programming.

In a future world here, and it may already exist somewhere out there among the stars, all will be like mystics. It would not be necessary to see that word as a spiritual, conscious being as it is among the human race(?) who’s ‘batteries’ have never worked to ‘full glow’. The ‘human race’ has, and continues to be more of a fight or squabble to avoid any race to evolving beings. Humanoids are virtually in hiding from themselves, another, and others. Few humans don’t have ‘armor’ around them to ridiculously protect their real beauties of vulnerability that were there when they were little children.

Those who’ve learned how to open their hearts and expose their souls, will find it necessary to ‘guard’ or shield what’s precious within them that they have uncovered, to most people. Those who live in ‘shallow dwellings’ throughout life have walls of protection for their illusions so that anyone who has an ‘inner openness’ has to walk carefully among their fragile receptivities. Likely, somewhere in their childhood, any lovingness among the many challenges didn’t protect their emotional memories, nor have they risen above the injurious happenings, and looked at them as opportunities to benefit from.

Taking the blinders off the fearful heart and mind is a beginning step to stepping up to be a member of the new conscious human race. ‘Lock stepping’ with the past that provides less advantages and benefits that the available possibilities do now is to cue up to endless generations before you that likely had no one who probably did. Time to shift up to a new dimension that is more obtainable today than ever before. The more open one is, the higher is the view from enabling you to see the finer points of life that those unconsciously blind have not a clue of, and the hearts desire to find ways to give this gift to those who are all but closed. Learn to laugh and relax in that state where life is encouraged to come into a deeper, clearer focus.

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