Too Much, Too Little!

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Too Much, Too Little!
December 20,2012
Coast to coast, and into the little rural towns of America is heard ‘conflicts of interests’. Thank the goddess’s that people can yell and yell to speak their thoughts and opinions, right, wrong, or other wise. This is the land of free speech, and there ain’t enough of it from the bedrooms to the newsrooms! Now with ‘mass shooting’ tragedies’ at an all time high, there is the cacophony of competing opinions of gun control against reasons not to have it. Who’s right, who’s wrong? The debate is healthy especially when ‘controlling interests’ are taken out of the equation like gun manufacturer’s, gun lobbyists, or those hidden in the dark who want to disarm the people.

Too many restrictions, or to little? Where is the balance for the good of all? Life has positive and negative, and both are needed to move ahead, or evolve to a better, higher state of experience. Too many guns, too many drugs, or too little common sense, enforceable guidelines for the safety of the individual and collective? Always, attention need be focused on the health and well being of others, and an open ongoing dialog may be part of the answer.

Whatever the situation, individual freedoms must always be considered and protected by agreements, laws, enforcement, and an openness to tighten, loosen, or redefine those to a higher consciousness. Communication from both giver and receiver for flow of information is necessary for a smooth outcome. No information should be hidden, or at least made with every attempt to convey an opposite scenario.

The mainstream media, politicians, and religious salesmen are rarely rated high on the honesty scale in terms of ‘omitting’ information that would advance harmonious communication. Every individual needs to develop a strong awareness capability to see what apathy often avoids consciously or unconsciously. Part of life is learning about, and knowing what and who to trust or not. ‘Social groups as well as individuals’ often have agendas that only favor them, and the few, while betting on your ignorance. Particularly, in this highly technological age, there are forces of self interest out there that benefit from the lack of others discernment and unawareness.

Be aware of not only yourself, but the other elements and forces outside you 360º! Improve your life, and at the same time be better able to improve others lives. Too little always applies there, but never ‘too much’!

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