Keep Negative Friends

Keep Negative Friends


January 10, 2012
But, don’t call them ‘negative’ and expect a kiss on the cheek! The smarter ‘negative ones’ are likely at least ‘sociopathic’, and almost impossible to reach beyond their invisible guards. A couple I know, are very adept at spiritual talk, being almost impenetrable, but certainly a challenge that can be learned from, if you should see it’s worth. The common negative people, at this time in life, come in all sizes and shapes as well as intensities of negativity. Isolating yourself from all negative people is to not grow in wisdom, however it’s best not to be caught between a rock and a hard place for it’s you who gets smashed.

Many ‘negative types’ wear the occasional clothing of a very positive, charming demeanor that revolves to the ‘dark side of the moon’. Best to position yourself always ready to distance yourself skillfully, or be prepared to walk into their fire, and be blamed for the situation. The positive person who is vulnerable with no experienced, skillful defense, is likely to have the demons from the negative hop onto their mind, and maybe heart. Truth be told, this planet at this time, is more negative than positive, but focusing more on the positive, and how to handle the negative is a divine challenge that helps to make it a better, more harmonious place to live.

Take the ‘negative on’ for a game changer challenge. Seek skillful ways to find some harmony with ‘negative situations’ rather than react. Life needs the negative, although much of it is perception, but always affording the opportunity to see the light in the situation. Balance is the key to dealing with the negative. Balance may mean seeking the positives, or reassessing what appears as an uncomfortable situation of negative stimuli, and seeking the best, positive way to handle it.

I once had a negative rascal who did my customers work in the financial Wall St. deals while I did the marketing. Clearly, he was the most negative of a hundred people in the office, but he knew more than anyone about the business, and how to satisfy the legal and corporate clients. I let him know, how special he was, regardless of his insulting behavior. We became friends, and I got better service than anyone else in the company! Often ‘negative types’ have come from difficult backgrounds, and have not resolved their issues. They likely appreciate compassion and understanding for that. Let compassion and empathy have a chance to grow, and harmonizing while keeping your ‘self knowing’, is an excellent way.

We are all teachers, even the unconscious negative teaches the more positive, and with empathy and compassion, the positive teaches back, particularly if done discretely. We never know who, when, where, or how we can affect others. Let the divine energy accumulate in you, and it’s aura will silently spread out to others. Give positive, and receive negative positively.

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