Abortions Go to Heaven

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Abortions Go to Heaven


January 9, 2012
Anyone who pedals guilt in the name of any person or group is just a ‘manipulator’ for support of his programming, and little different than a ‘vulture parrot’. I’ve met many who call themselves, ‘Pro Live’ as if  everyone isn’t, but they use that spin rather than using the label, ‘anti abortion’. The fundamentalist ‘anti abortionists’ feel it’s murder from the moment of inception, and regardless of the circumstance even if rape by a father, or unknown, brutal rapist! Just above the fundamentalists, are incrementally increasing anti abortionists who are ‘thoughtful enough’ to make exclusions from being ok if there is rape, extreme sickness or health concerns, to maybe a few days pregnant.

Control of females has been the ‘schtick’ of insecure, macho males since the pre neanderthal days. These males, particularly those seeking more power, and often in the name of religion, have managed to use pseudo logic, others ignorance, and fear to hypnotize humanity to serve their greedy interests. Leaders of religion, and men in power positions shackle together, often having wives to stay at home busy with kids and chores enslaving them. Men ran around looking to feather their nest more while the wives served them, and raised children to care for what they’d created, as well as for their anticipated old age. Single men in ‘religions’ like Catholicism, used an organization of those serving them to be able to dominate and control.

Control of the masses has been by skillful abuse of ‘human imagination’ and gullibility. Fears and guilt, were (and are) used to keep the ‘sheeple’ in control. Promise of a future Heaven has been the gift that even the ‘so called educated’ have been programmed to believe in without anyone knowing what this heaven is, or certainly even exists as is in the back of billions of minds. Need I mention how our political process is controlled largely by mixing religion into the alleged separations of church and state (politics).

Christians are an example of a religion ‘spinning the evils’ of a woman’s right to decide whether she wants to spend a significant portion of her life caring for offspring 24/7. Little consideration is given to possible unfortunate circumstances under which she became pregnant. I’ve asked many Christians about abortions aspects – many have called it murder (yet they pay for wars). When I asked them, if a child dies unborn or born, where do they go? They hesitate, and then admit they must go to heaven! My response is, ‘then all children, even the aborted, are going to heaven, so why worry about the early fetus that a woman chooses not to have – it’s going to Heaven anyway. The non responding sounds of silence are deafening!

Living and communing from the heart, while using common sense in a positive fashion is a woman’s choice to use as she wants. It’s time for the equality of the sexes, and for those with the courage, to seek the answers of godliness beyond men who play God. Arhata

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